Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet Expanded Deluxe Edition Game by Pencil First Games


It’s always cool to see people grow and succeed. That’s been the case for us with Pencil First Games. Back in 2015, we introduced you to them and a few of their first games including Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet! Since that time, we’ve enjoyed seeing them break out with games like Sunset Over Water, Herbaceous and One Hundred Torii. Well, the mark of a quality brand is recognizing that there is always room for improvement. They took Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet, reworked it and made it better. This giveaway is for the expanded deluxe edition of it! Launch your chances of winning by taking advantage of the many ways to enter!

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Lift Off! Get me off this Planet! Expanded Deluxe Edition

24 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet Expanded Deluxe Edition Game by Pencil First Games

  1. That’s tough. Improving things usually increases the cost. It would be great if many containers were stronger but I wouldn’t want to play more.

  2. Pertaining to games, the manufacturer can improve the quality of the board games. The board these games are played on, split into 2 pieces after a month or two of playing the games.

  3. Wbat I appreciate most … Card quality improvements! It makes a game feel betrer, play better & laat longer! That’s the best improvement from a board game manufacturer.

  4. Don’t exactly have a specific manufacturer to give an example. Generally speaking, manufacturers who would package the product in tons of plastic peanuts / rolls of bubble plastic / etc. Products could have improved packaging that eliminates that excess waste (which may not be recyclable either).

  5. Whoever makes the oil gaskets for Harley Davidson. Have you ever known one that doesn’t “mark its territory”?

  6. I think the boards used to play on need stronger strength and metal pieces instead of cheap plastic parts so they endure for years.

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