Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Little Earth Plush by Celestial Buddies

Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Little Earth Plush by Celestial Buddies


There is no reason that learning has to be boring. We have talked endlessly about how board games can be educational and spur conversations about science and history. In fact, we craft a STEAM or STEM gift guide each year filled with gift ideas specifically with this in mind. 

You can start those discussions at any age if you incorporate the right games and toys. Celestial Buddies has an entire line of plush characters modeled after the planets and they’re pretty stinkin’ adorable if I do say so myself. We’re giving one lucky reader a chance to win the Little Earth plush by entering using the form below. If the stars align for you, this little celestial plush may be yours!

Holiday Giveaway 2019 – Little Earth Plush


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