The Fastest Way to Get Through the DMV

If you want to shortern the amount of time you waste at the DMV, follow this tip for the fastest way to get through the DMV. -

During a recent trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles, I had a revelation. This was our third trip there over recent months, all for different reasons. First, we were there so Madison could get a license to drive to and from school, then we were back so Kennedy could acquire her learner’s permit to register for driver’s education. We were back most recently so Madison could convert her school driving permit to a full fledged drive-anywhere-on-her-own license. We were also there recently to register a used vehicle so you could say we’re had a few opportunities to people watch. The unexpected result was that we discovered the best way to ensure you don’t spend more time than you need to at the dreaded DMV.

You ready? Get it right the first time. *Mind blown*

Let me put it into better perspective for you. There are many reasons for needing to visit the DMV, but it boils down to needing to be prepared in one way or another. I lost count of how many people waited and waited only to be told they didn’t have the right documents. Here’s an idea for you should plan to visit: Log onto your states DMV website and find out what documentation you need to bring with. If you’re looking to attain a real ID, you’ll need different paperwork than if you’re simply renewing your license.

If you want to shortern the amount of time you waste at the DMV, follow this tip for the fastest way to get through the DMV. -

But that’s not all. By and far the biggest culprits are the people who were there to take the written (computer) tests. On our most recent trip, we watched as kid after kid returned to where their parents were sitting only to confess, “We can go now.” They had failed the test. Not only had they wasted an hour+ of their own time but they also needed an adult with them and that means they wasted their time as well. To make matters worse, those adolescents will need to repeat the process again. All this could have potentially been avoided if they had studied for the test in the first place. While you can purchase study guides online, states issue free study booklets or online sample tests to help prepare future drivers for the test. Step away from social media for a few minutes a day and learn what you need to know to be safe on the road.

Of course, this wasn’t limited to kids who were trying to get their license or permit. There were several adults who failed tests as well! At least most of the time they were there alone and not wasting someone else’s time. My educated guess is they were applying for an upgraded class of license perhaps to operate a motorcycle, bus or commercial vehicle.

If you want to shortern the amount of time you waste at the DMV, follow this tip for the fastest way to get through the DMV. -

The tip to reducing the amount of time you have to wait at the DMV: Regardless the reason for your visit, be prepared so you only have to do it once. Walking out of there knowing you don’t have to return is almost as rewarding as succeeding on the test.

How long was your wait the last time you visited the DMV?

24 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Get Through the DMV

  1. This is awesome! Our local DMV used to be so fast, but they moved it ot a new town (my town) and now OMG it’s so long to wait there. My teen is about to study up to get a license, I’m nervous and excited.

  2. Wow, I cannot believe they are old enough to drive already! Time flies! thank you for the tips! I am relieved I do not need them *yet* though.

  3. Lots of great info! I’m not ready for my kids to drive, and luckily I have a ways til then. Glad to see all these wonderful tips though.

  4. This is helpful advice. looking up the documents beforehand is definitely something I need to do. I’d hate to have to make two trips because I forgot something.

  5. Ugh! The dreaded DMV! Any time in the past when I’ve needed to go to the DMV, I call ahead and ask them what I need. Going to the site makes it that much easier.

  6. Thank you for all this wonderful info! I need to remember it for when it will the time for my kid to drive!

  7. Yeah I’ve tried going by what the DMV website says to bring….the website isn’t always accurate. Once I showed up with what the website said to bring and was told I needed more. So instead I recommend going and asking questions and then coming back.

    Also, another tip? It is worth traveling 30 minutes away to a rural DMV. If you go to the one located with lots of people, it won’t matter how prepared you are, you’ll wait for hour and hours. Been there!

  8. You would think some things are common sense, but for many people it isn’t! (And you’re guaranteed to see those people at the DMV)

  9. Anything advice that helps make the wait time shorter is much appreciated. Good idea to check the website first and be prepared.

  10. Making an appointment online means you don’t have to wait, so no need to be judegemental of the people who didn’t pass a test.

  11. It was only a couple minutes wait…. the second time I walked in. When I got there half an hour earlier, their network was down statewide.

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