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Earlier this week we had to admit seasonal defeat and put the summer cars in storage. It’s an annual event that I don’t look forward to because it’s always spurred by a weatherman’s prediction of snow. Snow. Blech. For those of you who live in areas without the fluffy white stuff, snow is quite lovely in photographs while simultaneously being the catalyst for many of us to flock to warmer climates. Unfortunately, when you have kids in school you can’t exactly hop a plane and bask in the sunshine on some island beach. We end up watching TV shows depicting sunshine or playing games that make us feel like we should be wearing shorts.

Today’s prize falls into the latter category as it’s a game about settling on the islands of a newly-discovered archipelago. Thanks to Blue Orange Games for providing a little reprieve from the winter chill with Blue Lagoon. Oh yeah, and for providing the prize for the Mega giveaway! You can escape to these imaginary islands if you win the prize but you can’t win unless you enter!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Blue Lagoon Game

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