We started our Mega Giveaway with the popular Hatchimals toy. Here we are on Day 120 and we have another game from Spin Master, Soggy Doggy! We included it as an option to introduce young kids to board games and knew it was going to be a hot item for the holidays. Little did we know it was destined for an award! It was recently awarded the title of Game of the Year at the New York Toy Fair! If you have a young child who would enjoy this wet and wild game, pick up a copy of Soggy Doggy on Amazon or enter to win a copy right here!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 120 – Soggy Doggy Game

34 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 120 – Soggy Doggy Game

  1. I am impressed that the Soggy Dog game got an award because there are so many games out there that it makes me think it must be extra special.

  2. It must be a great family fun game to receive an award. I would most definitely look into it for receiving “Game of the Year” award.

  3. A little, but so many other factors come into play such as game type, age, players, skill levels, etc. I would pay more attention to it to question why it got the award.

  4. Winning awards for different things doesn’t normally inspire me to be interested in an item. That said it can cause me to take a second look at something when I’m shopping. We are big into games in my family and this one is one we were interested in (don’t have it yet). I’m not surprised it is an award winning game because Spin Master is a notable brand that makes some amazing top notch toys. My 6 yr old and almost 4 yr old love games and Spin Master toys.

  5. I’m curious because initially it doesn’t make me think of a game worthy of game of the year! Fun, yes, just not game of the year!

  6. I did not realize this won Game of the Year….my daughter really wanted this for Christmas but we didn’t get it for her, but now I’m going to have a second look at this because it is Game of the Year!

  7. Winning the award does make me look at it closer, but the deciding factor is if it will inspire my niece to laugh. I think she will love this.

  8. It is nice that there is an award attached to the game, but the key thing driving purchase would be the fun that the family would get from it.

  9. The “Game of the Year” award would inspire me to look at the game closer but not necessarily buy the game.

  10. Maybe a little bit, as game of the year indicates to me that it isn’t a terrible game. However, reading well written reviews (I recommend SAHMreviews.com) tends to help me decide to buy a game more!

  11. I think it’s great that they won an award but I also know there are plenty of other games without awards too so no the fun content is what attracts me to this game

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