Mega Giveaway Day 112 – Surfside Girls Book

What do you do to get your kids off electronics? In addition to playing board games, practicing their instruments and helping cook dinner, we enforce the schools’ requirements for them to get a designated number of reading minutes in per day. What they read doesn’t matter. They simply need to pick up a book… and read. We regularly try to introduce them to new subject matter and topics they are interested in. Sometimes we select random books that might draw them in. One example is Surfside Girls: The Secret of Danger Point (Paperback Graphic Novel) from IDW Publishing which we included in our list of gift ideas for school-aged kids. Find ways to encourage your kids to read, perhaps start by entering to win this graphic novel!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 112 – Surfside Girls Book

15 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 112 – Surfside Girls Book

  1. “What surfside city would you love to visit? ” I’ve been to San Diego a few times, and would be happy to go again!

  2. Any of them! I live in I llinois. I hate it! The winters have been too cold and snowy! When summer does come, it’s way too hot! We don’t have mountains, oceans to surf in!
    We have Lake Michigan, but it’s not the same!

  3. Not a surfer, but would really like going to San Diego again. Have been there a couple of times and have not had a chance to see everything I would like to see.

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