Mega Giveaway Day 49 – Wonder Crew Buddies

Kids have quite the imagination for creating fantasy worlds of all kinds. We think it’s great that PlayMonster has embraced a doll that inspires both girls and boys! Wonder Crew Buddies come in a variety of superhero personalities so you can find a good fit for the child in your life. Hopefully you grabbed one when we featured it in our guide to toys for preschoolers. If you didn’t, there’s still time to order Wonder Crew Buddies from Amazon or pick up at your local retailer! Of course, can still enter to win one here since it’s the Day 49 prize in our 150+ Days of Giveaways!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 49 – Wonder Crew Buddies

31 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 49 – Wonder Crew Buddies

  1. Yes when I was young I turned dolls into superheros. The reason I did this was not only because I was a boy and idled superheros but because the games I participated in were role play type games!

  2. No. but I had read enough Raggedy Ann and Andy books that I convinced myself that there was a chance that my dolls were secretly alive too, so I tried to treat them like they were my real babies. As a matter of fact, one time me, my younger sister and my best friend were having a picnic on a blanket in our backyard in the dandelions when a bunch of bees swarmed us! All 3 of us got up running and screaming and luckily made it to safety without getting stung, but the moment we did, it dawned on me that Ieft my babies in the bees, so to my friend and sister’s horror, I screamed “MY BABIES!!!” and I ran back into the bees to grab my dolls. I still didn’t get stung somehow but my own real human 5 kids loved hearing that story growing up and I use to add, “So just think, if I would do that for my dolls, just think how much YOU must mean to me!”
    I would SOOOO love to win this Wonder Crew Buddy Doll for our only grandchild, grandson, Ashton!
    I Know his mom’s been wishing he had one too.

  3. Yes, of course my dolls were turn into superheros and sometimes would have power over my brother’s Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures.

  4. Not sure if i did. I posted my comment some where else but now im posting in right place. Maybe Ken was my barbies super hero.

  5. No I did not turn my dolls into super heros. But most my dolls had no hair left because I was a beautician. Or so I thought. My poor bald barbies.

  6. I am not sure turning them into superheros is the exact word. They always got repeated makeovers and different hair styles. They definitely got turned into something lol.

  7. Probably when I was young which was a looooooong time ago mine were all princess dolls. Not much on super heroes back then until I started watching Batman in black and white. Now my kids yes, they had super heroes and the grandkids are surrounded by them. My grandson LOVES his super hero dolls.

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