Teens Change Their Fashion Interests

Teens Change Their Fashion Interests


Kids grow up so fast and their personalities can change on a dime. One day, Madison will want nothing but graphic t-shirts or a hoodie. The next, she wants something “nice”. As a high school freshman, I don’t know what to expect each day when she walks down the stairs. One thing is always guaranteed though… her unpredictability. Oh, and her interest in wanting to be taller than me. In case you’re curious, I’m still just a pinch taller (for now), but I mostly attribute that to the fact that I wear boots all the time giving me a little bit of an edge. But guess what. She all of a sudden has decided she likes boots also. I could say it’s so she can be taller, but I think it’s more likely that she has developed a love for boots. Like mother, like daughter, you think?

Teenagers are notorious for being fickle. Sometimes they're trying to find their style as was the case with these Lugz boots and Emeril Lagasse shoes. - SahmReviews.com

I actually heard her say something that surprised me the other day. As she went to put on a pair of shoes, she commented, “These don’t match my outfit.” then proceeded to grab her new Lugz women’s Empire HI CR boots. While I’m used to seeing her wearing all types of sneakers, it’s nice to see this change of pace. She is at an age where peer opinions matter so when she had different sets of friends commenting that they really liked her new boots, I think that secured their place in her outfit of the day schedule. What I thought was cool was that one set of friends liked her black boots and a different set liked her opal ones.

Teenagers are notorious for being fickle. Sometimes they're trying to find their style as was the case with these Lugz boots and Emeril Lagasse shoes. - SahmReviews.com

Not only is she wearing boots to school with leggings or jeans, but she is also wearing them out and about. She recently opted for black Lugz women’s Empire HI CR boots to complement her outfit for the Katy Perry concert and she can regularly be seen wearing them other places as well.

Teenagers are notorious for being fickle. Sometimes they're trying to find their style as was the case with these Lugz boots and Emeril Lagasse shoes. - SahmReviews.com

Of course, she’s on her feet a lot with activities before and after school in addition to active classes like marching band. Having comfortable shoes as an option is just as important as having stylish ones. She spotted a pair of Emeril Conti nubuck shoes and loved the look. Little did she know…

Teenagers are notorious for being fickle. Sometimes they're trying to find their style as was the case with these Lugz boots and Emeril Lagasse shoes. - SahmReviews.com

The shoes are among a line designed by Emeril Lagasse specifically for people working in the hospitality industry who are on their feet all day! They’re slip-resistant and water resistant in addition to having a breathable anti-microbial lining to reduce odor. What I like best is the memory phone insoles intended to offer for 24-hour comfort, are a good option for keeping her feet from getting tired and achy before she does. She needs to be able to focus on her assignments, her classes and all things school-related and not be worrying about her feet. These shoes are the answer for her.

I discovered that I can’t pigeonhole my kids into thinking they’ll always want the same styles of clothes and shoes that they have in the prior week, month or year. Trends aside, sometimes they just want something different… and I’m okay with that.

Lugz boots play a role in my every day attire for the comfort as well as the style, fit and quality. I think Madison is beginning to join me in being a Lugz fanatic. We would love to see some of our readers become fans along with us and we can start by getting a pair in someone’s hands! Visit the Lugz and Emeril Laggase websites to see the full range of footwear offered in these two lines then enter to win!

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    The black and white Clipper is a winner.

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  65. Cheryl Gilmartin says:


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  69. OMG the HOLO ones!!! My daughters would LOVE these boots from LUGZ. Must have.

  70. Sue E says:

    Women have been changing their minds and getting their own ways since the Garden of Eden!! I think that’s great that your daughter wants to make up her own mind and be her own person! I think she is trying to find out what “skin” she is more comfortable in. At least your two girls aren’t arguing over who’s copying who. Some of my girls wanted things I couldn’t even afford! I told them it was time to get a job! In your article, when talking about boots and who’s taller you or your daughter, I thought that Madison was so sweet that she wanted to be like you! ‘Like mother, like daughter! Usually teenagers think their parents have no sense of fashion and doesn’t want to dress or be anything like their fuddy duddy mom’s! But your daughter gave you a compliment mom – ENJOY

  71. William Kwok says:

    I like the shiny kicks.

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