Happy Memorial Day

Last year we did something that I’ve been waiting years to do. We visited Washington D.C. with the girls. We took them to Arlington National Cemetery where we witnessed the changing of the guard ritual as well as the wreath laying ceremony. We took them to see the World War II and Vietnam Veterans Memorials and spent a great deal of time at these locations reflecting on what exactly those names, markers and memorials truly mean. Today, they have a better understanding of why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Yes, we gather with family and friends, attend barbecues, baseball games and even the parade, but we also pause to reflect on the blessing of freedom. We recognize the importance of giving thanks to those who sacrificed their lives in order for us to have this right. Each year, we stop to remember the countless number of soldiers whose lives were lost in battles to keep our freedoms alive. We shall forever be grateful for the sacrifice made by those individuals as well as their families.

To all of our readers, have a safe, happy and thankful Memorial Day. And to our readers who are veterans or are the family of someone who has served, we offer our heartfelt thanks.

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