Mega Giveaway Day 90 – Munchkin Wonderland

Mega Giveaway Day 90 – Munchkin Wonderland

It’s been a wonderful whirlwind of giveaways and we’re in the final stretch at Day 90. It’s a wonder we still have our heads! Well, Steve Jackson Games has just the prize to sum up how we’re feeling: Munchkin Wonderland! We featured it in our Games for Younger Kids Gift Guide, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for kids. After all, it’s a Wonderland theme! Good thing because a SahmReviews reader is going to win a copy!

As we have said since Day 1, please give a shout out to Steve Jackson Games and all the other sponsors for making this Mega Giveaway mega amazing. You can send them an email, tag them on Twitter or Facebook or even let them know when you run into them at a convention or event. We want these prize sponsors to want to participate next year when we launch all new gift guides and hopefully another 100+ days of giveaways!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 90 – Munchkin Wonderland

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33 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 90 – Munchkin Wonderland»

  1. June S. says:

    My favorite character in this movie id the mad hatter.

  2. Jennifer Jackson says:

    Cheshire cat or Alice!

  3. David Carapinha says:

    I love the white rabbit!

  4. bea miller says:

    the queen i love her clothes

  5. Clint Porter says:

    My fave chacter is the rabbit because I enjoy running and am ALWAYS running late!

  6. Karen MP says:

    Alice. Always Alice!

  7. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite Wonderland character is the Cheshire Cat

  8. Andrew W says:

    The Cheshire cat!

  9. HCaudell says:

    My all time favorite is the Mad Hatter

  10. william gossage says:

    My favorite is the white rabbit

  11. Cynthia C says:

    My favorite is the Cheshire Cat.

  12. Amanda Walden says:

    My favorite is the Cheshire Cat

  13. Ruth says:

    The Chesire cat

  14. Kim Davis says:

    The mad hatter

  15. Michael Shea says:


  16. Mitch says:

    Chesire Cat

  17. Scott D Randel says:

    Off with your head if you didn’t pick the Red Queen!

  18. Ryan Campbell says:

    The Cheshire Cat!

  19. Nick S says:

    The white rabbit

  20. Carl says:

    Cheshire Cat

  21. Joanna Sisk says:

    Mad Hatter

  22. Marko Marinic says:

    The white rabbit!

  23. Sparks says:


  24. Daniel Scott says:

    I like the Mad Hatter, but Cheshire Cat is fun too.

  25. Laura says:

    The White Rabbit is my favorite Wonderland character.

  26. Gabrielly says:

    I like Cheshire Cat.

  27. Heather Bridson says:

    The Mad Hatter was always my favorite!

  28. Sarah Worley says:

    The Jabberwocky!

  29. rosemary says:


  30. Joy says:

    My favorite Wonderland character is The Mad Hatter.

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