Mega Giveaway Day 54 – 13 Piece Super Slicer

I’ve lost track of how many people said 2016 was the worst year ever. Personally, I think every year brings both good and bad but it is all a matter of how we react to both that makes the difference. Regardless, we think our Day 54 prize is the perfect way to usher out a year… slicing it up into pieces and utilizing all the best parts! Thank you to Art+Cook for providing a useful kitchen gadget, a 13 Piece Super Slicer!

We shared these in our Home and Electronics gift guide as an idea for the chef (or wanna-be chef) in your life. We hope you’re moving into 2017 with some healthy and delicious recipes thanks to this tool!

We have a lot more coming in our 100+ Days of Giveaways so when you’re done with this, go enter the others. Then you can come back daily for additional entries in each contest. A new giveaway launches each day and one closes each night so come back tomorrow to see what we have next.

Please take a few moments to visit Art+Cook on Facebook and let you know what you think of their gadgets. And thank them for their support.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 54 – 13 Piece Super Slicer

46 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 54 – 13 Piece Super Slicer

  1. Surprisingly I’m not a very big wine drinker or drinker in general. Drinking just sucks the energy right out of me which makes me want to just stick with water, lol! I’d much rather play a game about wine.

  2. Since I do not drink alcohol in any form, I guess playing a game about wine would be my choice. Don’t know how well I would do though!

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