Game Day Traditions Can Change

Game Day Traditions Can Change


Can we roll back the calendar a few decades and talk about football? It was circa 1992; Scott and I were recent college graduates. We had transformed our hobby of collecting sports cards and memorabilia into a weekend warrior job setting up at local shows and conventions. About the same time, we started playing Fantasy Football with family and friends, setting our starting lineups and downloading stats on CompuServe to see how our players performed that weekend.

I was able to tell you about hot football players in a way much different than most women. We aren’t talking about appearances, we’re talking hardcore football nut. I could rattle off weekly game stats, injuries and trades. Curious about Hall of Famers, rookies and records? I probably had the answer. My football knowledge wasn’t as strong as my baseball, but I could carry on a conversation with the best of them. Fall and winter became my favorite sporting season and the big game was always a sad day because I knew it meant several months until our next fantasy draft.

The game day that changed my life. - #GameDayTraditions

As with anything in life, things changed. In January 2003, football season took on a whole new meaning. The Big Game was no longer about which team would win, who had the best quarterback or if the running back would break a yardage record. January 26, 2003 ushered in a new era of superfan. While other people were watching the game on some big screen at a pub or hanging out with friends and family, I was half-heartedly catching pieces of it on a small screen in my hospital room in-between visitors as they came to meet my first born.  It was the day I became a mom and the first time I would look at the game in a different way. Each year the game is symbolic of my children growing up. This year, I have a teenager.

Every year, our game day traditions change a little. - #GameDayTraditions

So for us, I imagine the day will start a little different than those in the past. We’ll get up, brush our teeth, shower and do our makeup before prepping some snacks and preparing for the big game. My big game girl isn’t one to wear makeup, but with each day comes a new surprise. She’s more conscious of her appearance and we see subtle changes in her attire and grooming. She’s sporty and when it comes to football, she’ll dress in team colors, including hair accessories and jewelry and even apply eye shadow in team colors!

Stock up on your game day essentials at Walmart. - #GameDayTraditions

Me? I’m pretty simple. I like to keep my makeup pretty basic with foundation, eye liner and mascara. Despite having a gift card for a fancy makeup store stashed in my wallet, I still purchase COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara at Walmart when I’m stocking up on other items like Crest Prohealth Advanced Toothpaste and Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Let’s be realistic. We all know I shop at thrift stores for everything from clothes to games. It only makes sense that I’m going to shop for everyday grooming items where it is most affordable. Besides, where else can I pick up all those items at the same time I’m stocking up on snacks for the big game?

These Garlic Teriyaki Chicken Wings using the Philips Airfryer taste as good as they look. -

So let’s talk about the game? While we know it’s exciting to watch the game among a crowd at the local sports pub, we like to keep it simple. Make snacks, like these Garlic Teriyaki Chicken Wings, and have other finger foods like chips and dip on hand as well. No matter how our family dynamic changes and matures, game day snacks will always be part of the tradition.

I’m certain that our traditions will continue to change over the years, but I’m okay with that. It just gives us a different way of looking at the game.

What are your game day traditions?

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13 comments on «Game Day Traditions Can Change»

  1. Michele says:

    Let’s see-while I was growing up my Mom and I would leave my Dad watching whatever sports was on and go shopping! Neither my Mom nor I are big into sports. Now that I love alone–I still don’t watch but you can generally find me curled up reading a good book.

  2. I am the opposite. I can’t wait for football to be over so regular television is back on! That being said, I’m the only women in a house full of boys, and DH. Even the cat is male. I anticipate many hours preparing for games. Garlic teriyaki chicken wings look like a great way to feed the boys!

  3. I’m pretty simple with the makeup I use on a daily basis too. It seems a lot of things are changing as we get older and our kids get older too.

  4. Those wings look pretty amazing- that’s my favorite thing about game day- the food!

  5. I fee like our lives revolve around football. My husband is a huge Razorback fan. I enjoy getting together and all the delicious food that surrounds it, but I would rather attend a game than watch it on TV.

  6. Chrysa says:

    My husband is the only one in our family who cares about football, but we all like a good Super Bowl party. It is not a good situation though when my 7-year-old nephew asks my husband if we can change the channel!

  7. Marcie W. says:

    Being married to a Raiders fan means I certainly remember that Super Bowl. It was the year the Raiders former coach (Gruden) went to coach the Bucs and wound up leading them to the big game, where they beat the Raiders and gave Gruden his ultimate revenge. In case that wasn’t evidence enough, we are a family of football fanatics and cherish game day!

  8. We don’t do a heck of a lot, but we like to have fun. We usually have friends over. It’s more about the party then the game, lol.

  9. We’re a sports family so game day is a party for us. Looking forward to the playoff games this weekend.

  10. I have no game day traditions because I am not a football fan or watcher. I think that I would love preparing special foods to share with my family and friends.

  11. Zubi says:

    We eagerly wait for the weekends because Game day is what my family loves.

  12. Carol Oddy says:

    I am not a fan of sports, like to watch ice skating with dancing & moves on skates. My son never was interested in sports either & he just got married to his partner of 14 years.

  13. SHARON JAMES says:


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