Mega Giveaway Day 46 – Sheriff of Nottingham

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Christmas is officially behind us so what do we do? We make the Day 46 prize in our holiday giveaway something that requires the art of the poker face and the necessity to not always tell the truth! We featured Sheriff of Nottingham in our list of games under $29 and admit that it’s one of our daughters’ favorite games. It’s permission to lie! When you’re done entering this giveaway, there’s still time to enter the other current giveaways, but not much! Good luck!

Thanks to Arcane Wonders for the prize for today’s giveaway and for helping us teach that there’s a time and a place for not telling the truth!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – Sheriff of Nottingham Game

44 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 46 – Sheriff of Nottingham

  1. I’ve gotten really good at keeping a straight face because I love to joke with people & a straight face is really important! Lots of fun!

  2. Definitely. Though people often say that I have a face that typically looks like I am up to something so that often does not help.

  3. I can generally keep a straight face when I am lying. I have found that redirection to a joke helps hide when I can’t though.

  4. When I play The Resistance no one can ever tell what side I’m on. I think my poker face is great! I would kill in Sheriff of Nottingham.

  5. I really need to pick this game up someday. I really wish games came with some sort of collectible coupon that you could trade 100 of for a new shelf.

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