Mega Giveaway Day 10 – Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

Shining a spotlight on Day 10 of our 2015 MEGA giveaway with a night light projector! It’s another of the items we featured in our home and electronics gift guide. So wind down your evening with a family game then relax to the sound of ocean waves! If this isyour first time here, check out the other giveaways  then hope to see you tomorrow!

Thank you to Ohuhu for today’s prize.

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – Night Light Projector

32 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 10 – Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

  1. This would be perfect for my 4yr old granddaughter. She’s afraid of the dark and leaves her TV on so she’s not scared. I think this would help more than a TV ! Thank you for giving one away !

  2. I would try this in my bedroom at first and see if it helps my daughter sleep. If so it would eventually go in her room.

  3. wow i might finally get some sleep the only time I sleep good is when we go to the beach and by bed is at the patio doors and I can hear the ocean. Would love to win this.

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