Fall Decorating Can Jazz Up Your Home

Fall Decorating Can Jazz Up Your Home


Whenever we visit my mom or mother-in-law’s house during the holidays, I always enjoy their festive decorations. Centerpieces on the tables, blankets on the couch, greenery on shelves, candy dishes on end tables and even festive tableware all help create a finished look. It’s the complete opposite of what we do. We generally decorate for Halloween, but other holidays tend to fall short. Despite owning a multitude of Dickens Village and other Christmas decorations, I seldom do anything more than put up the tree. For that matter, my everyday decorating skills are pretty lacking, too.

My everyday dining table lacks decorations. - SahmReviews.com

As an example, this is what my dining table looks like. Sometimes I don’t even put placemats down. It gets us by, but it certainly isn’t exciting. I admire people who have a decorator’s touch and can make interesting and adorable table centerpieces or artwork for the walls.

As I get older, I realize that these simple things in life can set the mood for a room and create a positive, encouraging environment. More important, at least for me, is that a table that is dressed and decorated helps me change my habits. I’m less likely to leave the table cluttered with kids’ homework, bills, marketing literature or other random paperwork.

We are at Kohl’s fairly often and I realized there are a lot of beautiful decorations at affordable prices. I decided that I wanted to find something to help spruce up my home for the fall, then if I like how it felt, repeat the process for Christmas.

Kohl's offers a variety of festive decorations, including frames. - SahmReviews.comKohl's offers a variety of festive decorations. - SahmReviews.com Kohl's offers a variety of festive decorations, including centerpieces. - SahmReviews.com

There were so many choices available that we could easily mix and match to create a look that fit our personalities as well as the existing decorations in our home. Their Harvest collection includes sunflowers, pumpkins, leaves in your choice of fall colors. We found candle holders, candy dishes, picture frames and all kinds of different centerpieces. I didn’t think the flowers would look right in my home so I opted for something simple in the colors of the leaves we raked up a few days ago.

Visit Kohl's to decorate your table for the holidays. - SahmReviews.com  Kohl's helped us change the look of our home with their affordable seasonal decorations. - SahmReviews.comMatching pieces at Kohl's made it look like I knew how to decorate! - SahmReviews.com

After finding the perfect tablecloth, we found placemats to match. One of the girls discovered a set of napkins that matched the tablecloth I fell in love with! I laughed when Scott told the girls that I wouldn’t be able to decorate if it weren’t for Kohl’s Garanimals-style mix and match options. He was right, I don’t have the visual sense to know what goes with what. We finished off the look by adding a seasonal centerpiece and some candles to match. As you can see, the look is quite stunning and a total transformation from where we started.

While part of me is excited about the new look, I’m also anxious to go out and shop for something to make the table festive for the next holiday season. Who knew creating such a lovely look would be so easy? To share my joy about the new look and to encourage you to go out add some decorations to your home, we’re giving away a $100 Kohl’s gift card. If you’re as excited as I am, be sure to come back daily to take advantage of bonus entries.

What part of your home could use some decorating TLC?

Kohl’s Holiday Decorating Giveaway


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132 comments on «Fall Decorating Can Jazz Up Your Home»

  1. amy guillaume linderman says:

    i would love to buy my boys new winter boots!

    1. Nicole says:

      I know what you mean, Amy. Kids go through shoes so fast and Kohl’s has affordable options. Have you ever purchased decorations there? What decorations would you buy if you were trying to spruce up your home?

    2. diane f says:

      Pinecone wreaths ,good smelling candles,

  2. Marcie W. says:

    I would get a new holiday wreath and a Star Wars holiday figure (hopefully Vader) to decorate

    1. Nicole says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if they made a holiday Star Wars wreath? LOL

  3. James says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Nicole says:

      What type of decorations would you spruce up your house with, James?

  4. Jessica Miller says:

    I want to purchase Christmas decorations. I need a wreath for my door and maybe the t. Nicholas Square Christmas Tree Light-Up I see that they have…..need stuff to decorate the inside since I live in an apartment.

  5. kjasus says:

    i will probably get some candles

  6. Kiera Yaniga says:

    We just moved ed into our house a few months ago. My walls and kitchen table need some major decorating help!

  7. savannah hadden says:

    I would like to get some fall themed plates for Thanksgiving. And I love the “Thankful” throw pillows they have.

  8. Icar says:

    I love Kohl’s and the variety of things I can buy there. For our home, I would like to decorate our dining area which is usually the neglected one. Honestly my tendency is to concentrate on the living room.

  9. nidhi chauhan says:

    Kohl is full of varieties for everything. This Christmas I would buy decorations for my Christmas tree, front door decoration and small kitchen appliances.

  10. Megan says:

    I love the table setting, if only I could get mine to look that nice during the holidays, but my SO won’t allow me to own so many colourful table settings. It’s white, clear, or bust.

  11. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love the platter you got.I am looking for a nice centerpiece and a wreath!

  12. Kay says:

    I plan to purchase some new holiday themed towels, especially for the kitchen where I spend a lot of time.

  13. angelam says:

    I am going to be buying new holiday dinnerware/tableware as well as a few standing decorations. So much to choose from! Thanks! =)

  14. Natalie says:

    I would buy a new set of holiday dishes to serve food in for Thanksgiving. I would also buy a holiday tablecloth at Kohls!

  15. Cynthia C says:

    I would like to get some nice fall colored table linens and candles for my Thanksgiving dinner.

  16. Tarah says:

    I’d love to get some Thanksgiving decor & add more Christmas decor to my collection. I really enjoy being able to switch over the decorations as the holidays march in

  17. Stephen says:

    My wife enjoys holiday and fall decorations, all of my Halloween decorations were quickly back down. I think it would be nice to have a fall table covering. We are putting up some curtains over several large windows, having some fall curtains for those would be nice as well.

  18. Suzanne K says:

    I need to get some new work out clothes for myself at Kohls.

  19. Breanna Pollard says:

    I need some floor lamps and a good side table!

  20. Kelly Nicholson says:

    Leave a comment sharing what decorations you plan to purchase at Kohl’s.

    im not planning on buying anything at kohls,but ya never know..maybe presents…maybe

  21. Jennifer H. says:

    I would like to buy some ornaments and garland.

  22. Clem says:

    Santa Yoda!

  23. Steven Weber says:

    We are going to get some tablecloths, runners, fun towels as well as lighted wreath and some candles.

  24. Cheryl Brown says:

    I want some new holiday dishes and a centerpiece.

  25. Julie Tardi says:

    love to do some Christmas shopping

  26. Cathy Thompson says:

    I would love to but myself a new pair of sneakers, we love to buy our shoes at Kohl’s as they have the best sales, you can always find a great pair at a great price!

  27. Ashley packard says:

    I need to get winter clothing for my family

  28. Cat says:

    I will be purchasing some new picture frames and ornaments! Theme is turquoise and grey!

  29. Gail McKee says:

    Such a great contest, thanks for the chance to win and good luck to everyone entering.

  30. John H. says:

    I would like to have decorations for a nice table setting for Christmas.

  31. Kristen says:

    I’m not planning to buy any decorations this year, but I’d love a new warm pair of Pjs for each of my family members.

  32. Janet W. says:

    I plan to purchase some Christmas decorations and things I could put up on our mantle. I’d also like to purchase some candle holders for our dining room table.

  33. donna porter says:

    I would purchase clothes for Christmas gifts.

  34. Ahmed Asadullah says:

    I would like to have decorations for a nice table setting for Christmas

  35. Kim G says:

    I plan to purchase table lines and Christmas tree ornaments

  36. Lorraine says:

    Kohl’s was one of my favourite places to shop but can’t find one around here. I’m not one for decorating probably because I hardly have people over and for the holidays I’m almost always abroad.

  37. Char says:

    My family needs some new decorations this year, thank you SO much

  38. Eileen says:

    I would love some new fall scented candles,festive holiday towels and a new wreath!

  39. Lula Ruger says:

    I would buy a new stock pot i really need one

  40. David Fultner says:

    I hope I find a fall arg\arrangement For the main table.

  41. Trina Feliciano says:

    Kohls has the best scented candles. I usually buy these for the holidays.

  42. Kristen says:

    I have the same centerpiece! Nice job – I’m not quite ready for Christmas yet. Still enjoying fall scents and sights!

  43. Mindi Eden says:

    I need some Christmas decorations to go in my windows & some elegant gift boxes!

  44. kelly light says:

    I really need new candles! I know Kohls has great ones!

  45. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I need some new ornaments for my tree, and I also want to get some Christmas-themed serving plates and bowls.

  46. Dandi D says:

    Candles and wreaths are at the top of my list for this season.

  47. I would love to decorate with some new ornaments ,decorations and Poinsettias.

  48. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would like to get some table decorations like placemats, table cover and napkins.

  49. I am a huge Kohl’s fan. I don’t really decorate for fall though. Your table is so pretty, I love the warm wood.

  50. Melissa says:

    I need to get some new lights, and some mantle piece items for Christmas.

  51. karen nadeau says:

    I would love to get some decorations for Christmas. We are the last house on the left on a dead end road so we have not had anyone come see our decorations. It has been 9 years and my parents will be here for the holidays so I would love to get things to spruce it up. It would be great for someone to see my house decorated.

  52. Amy B. says:

    I could use some Christmas kitchen towels!

  53. Paul Anthony says:

    I want to decorate with some ceramic figures and holiday wall hangings

  54. kelley powers says:

    My son is really into holidays this year, so i will have to buy some harvest decor for thanksgiving and he (4) really really wants to decorate for christmas so i will have to buy a ton of christmas decor, santas, reindeer, snowflakes and such!!!

  55. Denise Osborn says:

    I host my family every year on Thanksgiving. This decorating ideas are really helpful.

  56. Hi! I just found this Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway in your blog and I posted it in our site. I hope its alright with you!

  57. VegasLiz says:

    Love Kohl’s!

  58. Leisl G says:

    I’d like to pick up some decor for my mantel and a centerpiece for my dining table.

  59. Kathryn Hoehn says:

    I would get some new wreaths for my front and back doors

  60. Ty says:

    I will most likely grab a wreath and some seasonal dinnerware.

  61. Jessica M. says:

    I love Kohl’s selection of Christmas decorations. I would buy photo ornaments, nice linens for the table, candles and Christmas greenery!

  62. My Christmas centerpieces need replacement so I’d get those and look at the new Christmas decorations
    I always decorate most of the house.

  63. Azathoth Matei says:

    Probably get clothes, clothes and more clothes.

  64. Brian Maraboli says:


  65. Terri Irvin says:

    I need a new Christmas tablecloth and table place mats. Also I would love a new towels.

  66. What a great post! Kohls is by far one of my favorite places to shop for seasonal items!

  67. Katie Benard says:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I don’t do enough. These are great ideas to make my house more festive.

  68. Cathy French says:

    The Christmas decor items I would purchase from Kohls’ are mostly candles and holiday themed kitchen towels.

  69. diane f says:

    pinecone wreath or tree and good smelling candles and they have pretty table clothes for christmas.

  70. Michelle Elizondo says:

    Christmas Decorations

  71. Carrie Lee says:

    With a $100 gift card for Kohls I would buy their cute holiday dish towels, picture frames, ornaments and holiday candles to get into the festive spirit! Kohls always has the best designs for the holidays! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  72. Yuliana says:

    Love it

  73. Sandra Watts says:

    I need some lights for outside. I could also use a new wreath for my door.

  74. Katie Guillory says:

    My family definitely needs some new tablecloths for the season! We left all of our seasonal decorations at my father’s house, so we are very limited to decorations. We also could use a new Christmas tree, since we have been using a small blue one since we moved to Georgia 5 years ago!

  75. Jon Heil says:

    Kohls is a great place to get something for the kitchen or even the bathroom on the cold chilly nights and take a hot bath!

  76. Pamela Gurganus says:

    The decorations I plan on purchasing at Kohl’s are Christmas lights and stockings.

  77. Rebecca Foughty says:

    I would get my son a jacket. He is so picky.

  78. Stacy says:

    I would get the Harvest Tree Bath Towels to decorate my guest bathroom.

  79. Terra says:

    Candles, ornaments, festive hand towels, and whatever else I come across that’s cheerful and fun.

  80. Rosanne says:

    I’d like to get a door mat and decorations for the mantle above my fireplace

  81. Amanda Webber says:

    I’ve never shopped at Khols for Christmas decorations. But, we need new stockings and a tree topper, for sure!!

  82. Ellie C. says:

    I get most of my clothes and shoes from Kohl’s–I love it! Love their Kohl’s cash especially.

  83. John Leahy says:

    Hoping to purchase a Christmas table runner and some pine-scented candles!

  84. sandra says:

    i might get the St. Nicholas Square® 22-in. Pre-Lit Outdoor Pinecone & Berries Artificial Wreath and some ornaments

  85. Ruy M. says:

    I’d pick up a new tablecloth, napkins, lots of candles.

  86. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    Pick up something for the house just don’t know what until I get to the store and see what’s new lol Love Your stores .

  87. Denise Welch says:

    I need to get some out door decoration.

  88. crystal says:

    I love giveaways and i love kohls! this is exciting! happy holidays!

  89. Addie F. says:

    I am definitely lacking in Christmas decorations! I really love the Yankee Candle simply home Tree Luminary Tea Light Holder Set or the Joy Marquee Light!

  90. Tom T. says:

    Kohl’s is my wife’s favorite store ever!

  91. paula s says:

    I plan to purchase some things for my table. My family and husbands are coming to our home this yr for Thanksgiving and would love a pretty table.

  92. cylina williams says:

    I love kohls, I need some items for my tree and for my dining room that I am painting

  93. Lindsey says:

    I would like to buy decorations for our son who we are expecting in March for his bedroom

  94. Julie says:

    I just left Kohls a little bit ago and I got alot of thanksgiving stuff. But I will go back and get some wreaths and a white christmas tree this year:)

  95. Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    I was there yesterday for Black Friday and I bought some new ornaments so far for our tree. I think I’ll go back to get a Christmas tree skirt and a candelabra next week 🙂

  96. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I would love to buy some kitchen goods like bowls and plates, but then again, I could always use more clothes!

  97. LAMusing says:

    Our wreath is looking pretty sad – I’d love a new one from Kohl’s!

  98. Mike S. says:

    I’ve been to Kohl’s like 7 times in the last 3 days. Darn you black friday holiday shopping!

  99. Rhianna Daws says:

    I need to spice up our couch a little bit and add a Holiday throw and decorative pillows. Our furniture looks pretty sad and unfestive at the moment.

  100. Brad R says:

    This would be great for the holiday season!

  101. If i win i might get the family led marquee sign

  102. ANSYE says:

    i luv kohls all the discount, kohls cash,reward to you.. sweet!!!

  103. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I got a new rug in November which means completely starting over in the living room. I’d love some decor to match!

  104. Lynn Forcier says:

    What a beautiful table setting.

  105. Gene Garris says:

    My kids grow too fast. We’re dressing them in potato sacks at this point.

  106. Kara says:

    I would put the gift card towards a fitness tracker for myself. I’ve wanted one forever but have yet to splurge.

  107. Nicole Carter says:

    I would love to pick up more bulbs for the tree. I could always use more nutcrackers and a wreath for the door!

  108. Courtney says:

    I want some cute things for my mantel!

  109. Margot C says:

    I think that I might buy some candles and things to decorate with.

  110. Gabrielly says:

    I would like to purchase some tablecloths, towels and candles.

  111. Lesley F says:

    I actually need new Christmas stockings which I will get at Kohls

  112. Brandon Sparks says:

    lights and somethings for the home.

  113. Birdiebee says:

    I plan on buying a new tablecloth and matching napkins from Kohl’s. I love shopping at Kohl’s as it is only two blocks away from where I live.

  114. roofuskit says:


  115. Sarah L says:

    I’d like to get some holiday plates & mugs.

  116. laurie murley says:

    I need a new wreath and some lights

  117. Anna Tetreault says:

    I love the Harvest decor, but it’s Christmastime now.. I just moved into a new place and have yet to buy a tree due to being low on money. I would love to buy a Christmas tree and decor to go with it. Especially since I’m expecting my first child in February, and we will definitely need a tree for next year 🙂

  118. Tanya White says:

    Since it is almost Christmas I am looking for Christmas decorations at Kohl’s like lights and other Christmas decor.

  119. Crystal F says:

    I would maybe get the Apothecary Vintage LED Light Ceramic Tree. It’s the only decoration that I remember my grandma having when I was younger. Thank you!

  120. Susan Smith says:

    I would like to get some a wreath and decorative candles for Christmas decorations at Kohls.

  121. Michele Baron says:

    I have an angel collection that I try to add to each year….would love to find a new one at Kohls…I also need new holiday candles

  122. Pam Flynn says:

    I love all the Christmas tree ornaments that Kohl’s has each year. I will probably buy some Santa ornaments.

  123. Josh Ehlert says:

    Headed off to college in less than a year… Definitely need a new comforter and sheets. Hopefully this gift card can help!

  124. Cindi Knowles says:

    Would be cool to win as we having to start over after losing everything.

  125. Jasmine P says:

    I plan to purchase some Christmas decorations!

  126. Richard Hicks says:

    I would get new christmas table centerpiece. Also pick up a few extra lights.

  127. Ronnie Gosnell says:

    I could get my better half something real nice! She loves decorating and loves Christmas. You have given me a lot of great ideas, thanks!

  128. Laura says:

    I guess things must get much better when you redecorate this dinner table. Dinner table can be considered the most important thing in the kitchen as it is where all family members gather together. You made it cozier after all.

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