Thrift Treasure: Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse

Thrift Treasure: Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse

The other day I was mentioning that some games are even more fun when you get to assemble them. Both Connect 4 and Colt Express gave us additional value by having us construct the game before actually getting to play it. But this week’s Thrift Treasure proves that this isn’t always the case. While WizKid‘s Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse is still fun to play, the assembly process was a nightmare.

If you like building models, this Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse will provide extra value. If you have five thumbs, get someone to assemble this one for you! -

At an original MSRP of $9.99, Pirates does pack a lot in its tiny box. What keeps the cost affordable is the fact that you’ll spend an hour or two punching out and assembling the seven ships included in this set. Each ship is printed on credit-card-like plastic cards that have been scored so you can build your own ships. A vessel takes up one or more cards depending on its size and included decks, masts and flags. The end result is quite impressive.

If you like building models, this Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse will provide extra value. If you have five thumbs, get someone to assemble this one for you! -

But the actual assembly is mind-numbing. The slots are just small enough to make insertion very difficult, probably too difficult for children. On the bright side, once assembled, it does not appear that they will come apart easily!

If you like building models, this Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse will provide extra value. If you have five thumbs, get someone to assemble this one for you! -

Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse is billed as a constructible strategy game. Played on any tabletop, your goal is to move your Navy to islands containing treasure. On your turn you can move or attack, but not both. Movement is measured with the included card skeletons and each ship has its own movement capabilities. “L” signifies you to use the long side of the card, “S” for short.

If you like building models, this Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse will provide extra value. If you have five thumbs, get someone to assemble this one for you! -

Once you dock with an island, you can load up your ship with the maximum amount of coins it can carry and head back to your home island. If your ship is within range of an opponent, you can elect to open fire. Each mast on your ship has a die printed on it, and that’s the number you must roll greater than to successfully hit another ship. A hit removes one of their masts – destroy them all and then one more hit sinks their ship.

If you like building models, this Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse will provide extra value. If you have five thumbs, get someone to assemble this one for you! -

By collecting additional sets or packs, you can add to your fleet and embark on a more serious game (instructions included) that allows you to board other vessels, assign captains with unique abilities or even take down sea monsters or the dreaded Kracken!

If you can get someone else to assemble this, you will get a lot of enjoyment out of Pirates for only $10. The ships are very detailed considering the medium and can probably be used in other games to replace or upgrade other boats. You can still find copies on Amazon and eBay for right around the original MSRP, but I’d watch the toy aisle at your local thrift store to find a preassembled copy to try out!

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44 comments on «Thrift Treasure: Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse»

  1. Brad R says:

    I really need to visit my local thrift stores…..I am seeing more and more gaming finds across websites and need to beat some of you guys to them! nice find with great components.

    1. Ben says:

      Indeed! It is a game with a lot of fun and creative component ideas.

  2. LydiaF says:

    This sounds like a fun game for older kids. I admit I’d probably enjoy putting the ships together.

    1. Ben says:

      It is really fun! I’m 24 now and still love playing it. Putting the ships together can be fun, and a rewarding challenge at times.
      Feel free to check out more at my website:

  3. Nuno Santos says:

    Cool great find!

  4. Jane says:

    The detailing of the ships is amazing. Thanks for an informative post and tip on checking thrift shops.

    1. Ben says:

      Agreed! I love the artwork – nearly every ship in the game has unique art.

  5. Shann says:

    My son would love that game. The shop looks amazing.

    1. Ben says:

      Cool! He can find out plenty of information about the game.

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I wouldn’t have liked the assembly part. I have thrown things out that were too complicated.

  7. That’s awesome! Looks like something my son would enjoy. I love thrifting whenever I have the chance!

  8. Dave Racette says:

    I could easily see myself enjoying the assembly process for those cool looking ships!

    1. Ben says:

      They’re all over eBay, you should check them out!

  9. Scarlet says:

    This looks like a fun one for my son. Thanks!

    1. Ben says:

      He should play! You can play virtually with the VASSAL module:

  10. That game looks like a blast for kids, especially ones who are really into pirates

    1. Ben says:

      No kidding! I got into it when I was 10 and still love playing it at 24!

  11. It sounds pretty fun! I bet my husband would love something like this!

    1. Ben says:

      It’s awesome! If he gets into it, he can use my tutorial videos to learn:

  12. Stephen says:

    looks like a fun game

    1. Ben says:

      It’s super fun! You can learn more here:

      Hope to see you on the high seas!

  13. Sarah says:

    Looks fun! I can’t imagine my little ones playing with the boats, I’d be afraid that they’d break them. But for older kids or adults it’s perfect.

    1. Ben says:

      I did OK with the game as a kid, and now love it even though I’m older!
      Some breakage is pretty much inevitable as you learn how to assemble the different ship types.

  14. That sounds like a fun game! My son loves pirates so I think he would like this!

    1. Ben says:

      You should get him into it! There’s actually plenty of information and even a community of players and collectors online:


  15. Dogvills says:

    This sounds like a super fun game!

    1. Ben says:

      It’s incredible! Check out one of my all-time favorite plays of it here:

  16. Krystal says:

    My husband might actually find enjoyment in assembling these. It would be fun for him and my son!

    1. Ben says:

      Sounds cool! I’ve got some tutorials if they need help with any of it!

  17. Ronnie says:

    I like the fact that you have to build out the little ships. It would be the funnest part of the game for me!

    1. Ben says:

      I’m the opposite, but some people have reported that they like building the ships more than playing. That works especially well for collectors, as there are over 1,000 ships to collect and build!

  18. I love that you have to construct and strategize. It’s a great way to get the mind working and to keep it sharp.

    1. It’s a great game, and there’s even an active community at Miniature Trading:

      1. Thanks for the link Ben. Good to know it’s still being played by many!

        1. Ben says:

          Indeed! There’s plenty of discussion happening around it too, at least for a game that has been out of print for a full decade now.

  19. Rosey says:

    Wondering who in the family I can sucker to put the ships together. 😉 If it was summer (less restrictions on time) my kids and I would actually enjoy doing it. 🙂

    1. Ben says:

      Hopefully you all can get into it sometime! I’ve got plenty of content centered on Pirates CSG if you want to learn more.

  20. What a great find! It’s so fun finding treasures like that at the thrift store.

    1. Ben says:

      Indeed. I’ve seen others report similar findings, you can get some really great deals at physical locations.

  21. James says:

    This looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Ben says:

      It sure is! Feel free to jump right into the realm of Pirates CSG!

  22. Love this game so much!!

  23. Ben says:

    For anyone looking to get into Pirates CSG, I’ve got a ton of information and most of the active community all right on my website:

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