Thrift Treasure: Jishaku

Thrift Treasure: Jishaku

Jishaku is the Japanese term for magnet. So it is only appropriate that our latest Thrift Treasure is named after the components included – magnetic hematite. But there is more to the game than just playing with magnets. From the instructions:

Imagine you are a powerful Samurai or Ninja of ancient Japan, a master of the martial arts. Do you possess some other “super” power you can wield over your opponents? Hold these “Jishaku” in your hand. With these magnetic stones can you focus your mind to alter your personal magnetic field and the force fields of objects around you? Hold them…and feel their power! Can YOU control them?

The only game we have where it matters where and HOW you place your pieces! Jishaku is this week's thrift treasure! -

You board area is made from egg foam (think of foam designed to cradle eggs) and the object is to place your pieces in the cavities without attracting other pieces already played.

The only game we have where it matters where and HOW you place your pieces! Jishaku is this week's thrift treasure! -

Because the pieces are magnetic, even the slightest movement or mistake while placing will cause them to snap to each other in a sound that I can only describe as buzzing bees.

The only game we have where it matters where and HOW you place your pieces! Jishaku is this week's thrift treasure! -

To win, you simply have to be the first person to successfully place all nine of their pieces on the board. Sounds much easier than it is, as when you fail to place one and it attracts others, you must collect them all into your hand.

Like other abstract games of this type, Jishaku is very quick to set up, learn and play. Because of the nature of the components (strong magnets), it is recommended for ages 14+. Offered by many different manufacturers over the years, you will probably be able to find a copy at your local thrift store or yard sale pretty easily. But in a pinch, it is also available on Amazon and in local retailers like Barnes & Noble if you want your copy fresh.

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23 comments on «Thrift Treasure: Jishaku»

  1. Maggie B says:

    Such a simple concept but fun!

  2. James Reid says:


  3. Michael Boone says:

    Cool looking game.

  4. Dave Racette says:

    A game w/Magnets – interesting….

  5. nlsousa says:

    Oh fun idea!

  6. Michele says:

    I could definitely see myself getting fully involved with this game–and no it would not be easy!!

  7. Maggie Saavedra says:

    Such a simple yet awesome game.

  8. Nuno Santos says:

    Nice game mec!

  9. I love that the board is made from egg foam. Having simple materials makes it less intimidating to players.

  10. Scarlet says:

    What a great game suggestion for older kids. Thanks!

  11. Sacha says:

    I love it! you always seem to amaze me with these great games. Thanks for sharing will be looking into these games. (great for family time)

  12. Misty S. says:

    It looks like a challenging game, I like it!

  13. I like the sound of this game. It requires brain power and learning, to manipulate piece after piece.

  14. Liz Mays says:

    That just looks like way too much fun! I love the whole concept and it would be suspenseful wondering if they’re going to connect!

  15. LydiaF says:

    This sounds interesting. I don’t think I’d be very good at it, although I certainly like to play with magnets 🙂

  16. I would love to try this game – I love a challenge!

  17. Debra says:

    THIS sounds like so much fun! I really want to try it!

  18. Sandra says:

    Super power?! My nephews would love this game, but they’re just a bit too young according to the recommended age.

  19. Crystal says:

    That does sound like a fun one. I am sure my kids would think they had mastered it before even playing, but it’ll be much tougher.

  20. Lexie Lane says:

    I love games like this! And you know, you can take this anywhere too. When you’re waiting at a restaurant, waiting at the doctor’s office, such a good way to entertain!

  21. Kristin says:

    That looks like a great one to add to family game night!

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