Wear Your Personality on Your Feet

Personality is in full force with Payless Shoesource Fall Trends. - SahmReviews.com #SoleStyle #PaylessInsider


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not one of those people hip to the latest fashion trends. Frankly, I’m more about how things work for me. How they look with my body shape. Whether they are comfortable. If the colors are good for me. I’m not a slave to the latest fashion style and will openly admit that I’m probably often out of style.

But I’m ME and not trying to be someone else. First and foremost in personal identity and self-esteem, that’s so important. When you are working hard to be someone you aren’t, then you lose yourself in the process.

I remember as a kid, I wanted a Forenza sweater because everyone at school had them. All the cool kids at least. When you attend a private school with a uniform of plaid skirt, white collared shirt and only certain colors of sweaters or slacks, little details that make you stand out (in a good way) are important. It wasn’t in our budget but my mom saved up to make it happen. I didn’t make me cooler in the eyes of everyone else. When I got to high school, I wore a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a pinky ring that was my “good” ring when I was little. I still have both of those because they mean so much to me and what being an individual is all about. It set the tone for the way I dress and carry myself now. I’m trying to teach my girls the same thing.

Personality is in full force with Payless Shoesource Fall Trends. - SahmReviews.com #SoleStyle #PaylessInsider

That doesn’t mean I’m not excited about new trends. Actually, I’m always excited to see where fashion styles are moving and it’s fun to see how the girls are excited too. For example, take the newest fall trends in shoes. My girls and I all think the styles and colors are fun and festive.

My mom recently took the girls to afternoon tea at the Butterworth Center while Scott and I were out of town for Gen Con. She sent me photos of the girls in the garden and on the steps. Miss K was proudly wearing her new American Eagle CAIA Ballet shoes. She didn’t need to talk to friends or ask if they were fashionable. She KNEW they were perfect for her. That’s what style and grace are all about. But I guarantee when she gets to school, she’ll want to be showing off the latest fall trends.

Personality is in full force with Payless Shoesource Fall Trends. - SahmReviews.com #SoleStyle #PaylessInsider

Miss M doesn’t think much about fashion, rather about whether she can feel herself in the style. Her new Airwalk Retro Oxford shoes sum up her personality perfectly. The entire line of these fall trends are full of character! If I had asked if she wanted leopard print shoes like her sister, she would have strongly declined. Yet she saw these and was head-over-heels for them! She isn’t a shoe person, but if I let her, she would probably want one of each design. I personally love the graffiti pattern.

Personality is in full force with Payless Shoesource Fall Trends. - SahmReviews.com #SoleStyle #PaylessInsider

It’s nice when fall trends can be bold in some styles and subtle in another. We walk into a store like Payless and find all kinds of affordable options that both my girls like. It’s a bonus that they happen to be in style!

Do you value price, trends or comfort most?

32 thoughts on “Wear Your Personality on Your Feet

  1. My youngest has a fascination with shoes! That the first place she visits in any store we go to LOL It’s fun watching her eyeing and trying on all the shoes. I always go for comfort. I have flat feet so I need to be sure the shoes I pick are very comfortable for me to wear.

  2. For me, comfort tends to be most important these days. I’m on my feet all day. My daughter loves to find shoes that are different from the rest of the crowd, so I know she will love the shoes you featured in this post!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of Airwalk brand shoes, even though all I wore growing up were shoes from Payless. But I can see why they’d be a great choice for kids today since they’d be attracted to the designs and patterns!

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