Thrift Treasure: Liar’s Dice

Thrift Treasure: Liar’s Dice

Like most parents, we try to raise our kids to tell the truth. At times we have had to explain what is meant by a “little white lie”. But what if I told you we were now instructing them to be completely deceptive without any consequence? Calm down, we’re just teaching them how to play our latest Thrift Treasure, Liar’s Dice.

Teaching your kids how to lie and bluff? That's a good thing? We thought so when we taught them Liar's Dice - our latest Thrift Treasure find! -

According to Wikipedia, Liar’s Dice has its roots in South America with a number of similar games like Dudo, Cachito or Perudo. There have also been many, many versions of Liar’s Dice issued in retail form here in the United States, but I’m going to concentrate on this copy issued in 2002 by Endless Games.

Teaching your kids how to lie and bluff? That's a good thing? We thought so when we taught them Liar's Dice - our latest Thrift Treasure find! -

Every player receives five white dice numbered 2 through 6 with a star in the spot where a one would normally be along with a cup to roll them with. At the beginning of each round, everyone rolls all of their dice and keeps the cup over them to hide the results.

Teaching your kids how to lie and bluff? That's a good thing? We thought so when we taught them Liar's Dice - our latest Thrift Treasure find! -

Players then take turns ‘bidding’ on what they think everyone’s dice will yield. In the above photo, the first bidder bid “five 3’s” by placing the sole red die on the five spot and turning it to the 3 side. The next player must either increase the bid (five 4’s or higher) or challenge the bid.

Teaching your kids how to lie and bluff? That's a good thing? We thought so when we taught them Liar's Dice - our latest Thrift Treasure find! -

The stars on the dice serve two purposes. They are either counted as wild for any number, or bid on their own. In this case the bidder thinks there is at least one wild star among the results. Each bid must be higher than the previous according to the placement on the board (clockwise).

Teaching your kids how to lie and bluff? That's a good thing? We thought so when we taught them Liar's Dice - our latest Thrift Treasure find! -

At some point the bidding will get high enough that no one wants to increase it, so a challenge is issued. As an example, if the final bid was seven 4’s and there are more than seven 4’s and wilds, the bidder wins. The person who challenged then loses dice to the center of the board (above) in an amount equal to how many over seven there actually were. If they were very unlucky and there were actually twelve or more, they would be out of the game in the first round.

Conversely, if there are not seven, the bidder loses and also loses dice equal to the amount they overbid. Losing dice makes the game more difficult since you can only see your roll results, giving you less information to bid with. If there had been EXACTLY seven 4’s in the reveal, all other players would lose one dice to reward the bidder for a perfect roll.

Endless Games’ version of Liar’s Dice has an additional rule that isn’t found in other issues. On any turn that you bid or raise, you are allowed to take at least one die out from under your cup and let everyone see it. You can then re-roll any you have left under your cup. The shown dice must stay out and cannot be rerolled, and now everyone has a little information about what you have. But the addition of this optional rule did make the game that much more unpredictable and allowed a player to recover from a bad first roll. We’ll be keeping that rule in play.

The last player to remain after all other players have lost their dice wins the game. The rules actually encourage bluffing, foul play and outright lying when you make your bids in an attempt to get other players to think you have something that you don’t. And based upon the end score, I can say my girls were naturals at it…

You’ll find many versions of this classic game on Amazon and eBay, but if you would prefer this version by Endless Games (as we did), keep an eye out at your local thrift stores and yard sales. Regardless of which version you do find, it is well worth having it in your collection.

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  1. I have always loved board games with dice. There is just something risky about rolling the dice and seeing what comes up.

  2. Haven’t played a board game in a long time, interesting concept.

  3. Shonda says:

    We used to play board games a lot more frequently, then we let life takeover. It would be nice to play a board game every now and then. Maybe even give Liar’s Dice a try.

  4. I love a game with dice! And the fact that these have to be lined up and/or placed in certain spots on the board really satisfies by OCD tendencies LOL

  5. Michele says:

    Rolling the dice and it is called bluffing–not not out and out telling a lie!! It does sound like a fun game as long as there are no real gamblers playing with you!!

  6. What a great board game! I’ll be adding this one to game night!

  7. sacha says:

    You are truly the king of games…another awesome game board. ..I wish I had all your games lol fun family night

  8. Liar’s Dice sounds like a pretty fun game! We have family game nights all the time and I would love to add this one.

  9. eliz frank says:

    I played dice games as a kid, and they were always fun because the chances of winning were fairly equal for all. This sounds like a hoot of a game. Must try it.

  10. Debra says:

    We LOVE playing games as a family! I am always looking for something new!

  11. Crystal says:

    It sounds like a fun one! Got to get the kids’ bluffing skills in so I can take them to Vegas for their 21st birthdays!

  12. I haven’t played dice games in a long time. I’m going to have to find this one and play it with my oldest son. He loves games like this.

  13. This looks like a fun game to play with the family!

  14. This looks like a really fun game. We really enjoy playing board games because it gives us a chance to have fun together away from all the screens!

  15. Maggie Saavedra says:

    I have found many treasures at thrift stores! I can’t wait to hit them up this weekend!

  16. Michael Boone says:

    Looks like a really fun game!

  17. Maggie Boone says:

    Looks like a great game to get the family together at the table.

  18. Dave Racette says:

    I like playing this one although Im not very good at it. Bad strategy I guess…

  19. James says:

    Interesting… I’ve seen some similar games but not this one

  20. Mark W says:

    I love these types of games.

  21. Christopher Smart says:

    hmmm…this game looks very intriguing. i like the fact the dice have to be lined up in particular order; on the other hand might drive my ocd wild…. lol

  22. Edward Reinholtz says:

    I would love to play this game . It looks like an interesting one that I could play for Hours ….

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