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I am a stay at home mom…with 5 kids. Big kids, little kids, boy kids, girl kids. I like to think I am a fun mom – and I have to be fun in creative ways as entertaining 5 kids can get pricey. My youngest and I were reading a Fancy Nancy book in which Fancy Nancy set up a spa day for her family, and my youngest thought this would be great fun! I had to agree that a spa day sounded lovely – though I was thinking on a real spa day at a real spa with the calming smells and the rolling ocean waves in the background and the quiet…ahh the quiet…but I digress.

My older daughter and her friend, along with grandma, my little one and I decided to set up a spa day at home. We cut the cucumbers for our eyes, mixed some banana oatmeal scrub for our faces, set up a massage station by the fireplace, and a pedicure station in the kitchen. It was a great success. Not only fun but the spa day for 5 cost us $0 as we used things we already had at home….which fit nicely in our budget.

Bonding and quality time come in all shapes and forms. Create a spa experience at home. - #BabyMantra

The massage station was exceptionally lovely…for the kids and the adults alike. We have calming massage oil by Baby Mantra that we love. It is allergy tested, dye free and fragrance free which works perfect for our family with sensitive skin. We also used their calming lotion which is scented with lavender (so relaxing). The benefit was two-fold as it was not only relaxing but also helps to protect from dry skin. (We actually enjoy this activity on a more regular basis as the kids enjoy the massage and I can calm them down before bedtime and soothe their dry skin in just a few minutes with the quick rub down with these products).

Quality, natural products for your baby (and your whole family). - #BabyMantra

After the banana oatmeal treatment, we needed to scrub everyone down… and also had to scrub down the kitchen, but again I digress. I thought the easiest plan for my little Fancy Nancy was to put her in the tub. I washed her down with the Baby Mantra 3 in 1 bubble bath, shampoo and wash, followed with the detangling conditioner. Both of these products are also scented with lavender so provide the soothing effects of that essential oil. I love the 3 in 1 products as it is so convenient to have everything in one bottle. The little one loved the bubbles and she turned on the jets in the tub to create way more than you would normally get with the product…but that was entertaining also (again, finding cheap ways to entertain the kids!) LOL

After I got the littles to sleep, my mind kept recalling that initial spa ideal….calming smells, quiet, and rolling water…this is usually not in our budget for me but necessary sometimes for us hard working mommas. I managed to pull that off later that night with the products we had for our kids but that work just as nicely for adults.

A calming lavender scented bubble bath with the 3-in-1 bubble bath (notice the toes – decorated by my beautiful daughter from the earlier pedicure)…followed by a foot massage provided by my wonderful husband using the oil and lotion from Baby Mantra fulfilled all my spa ideals.

Treat your baby to a nice massage then treat yourself to a bubble bath. - #BabyMantra

The products were tried by the entire family – we all loved the 3-in-1, the oil and the lotion. Some of the kids (and well, me too) thought the conditioner didn’t provide that silky soft feeling you get in wet hair with other conditioners but we did have soft hair once it dried. These products added a little bit of spa luxury to our everyday activities… and the fact that they are pure, natural, and toxin and cruelty free are just an extra bonus.

Baby Mantra products are targeted at babies but that doesn’t mean that only babies can enjoy them. They were a hit with our entire family. If you have are looking for a natural product for your young ones (whatever their age), be sure to check out the various Baby Mantra products. You can find them at select Walgreens and Duane Reade stores nationwide as well as online at and Amazon.

What special activities like this do you treat your kids to?

Treat your baby to a nice massage then treat yourself to a bubble bath. - #BabyMantra

16 thoughts on “Spa Day with Baby-Safe Products

  1. My sister will only use products that are dye-free and allergen-free on my niece, and I bet she would love these! I have heard of the brand, and always hear good things!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love getting pedicures with my daughter. I don’t need her to grow up quickly, but I love to show her a little pampering can be fun.

  3. Where do I sign up?! Seriously today is my birthday and all I kept thinking was I’m ready for a mani, pedi, and a god massage! I’ve wanted to do a mother daughter day with my 3 year old and tis sounds perfect!

  4. My daughter adores lavender EO, and when her hair gets extra crazy we put straight coconut oil on it. This spa day sounds like a winner, for your kids, and mine, too! Love the cute bubbly shots.

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