Philanthropic Friday: Hunger-Free Summer


When you were a kid, did you look forward to school starting? I’m guessing probably not… most kids don’t. Kids want a child-like summer, of course! What about if you knew that going back to school would mean you actually had some semblance of a normal meal. As I mentioned a few weeks back, for some kids summers are synonymous with being hungry. During those months, they don’t have access to the reduced-cost or free meals provided through the school districts.

Kids can’t do much to change their situation but you certainly can. You see that video at the top of this post? If you haven’t already watched it, please do. Kid President puts it all into perspective in a thoughtful way. Besides that, whenever someone watches the video, ConAgra Foods will provide assistance to their “Hunger-Free Summer” program, supplying food banks with much needed donations. This summer, 26 food banks in 18 states will use Hunger-Free Summer grants, funded by the ConAgra Foods Foundation – ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 – to expand their summer feeding program.

Just this week there are two projects in our area to help support the food banks. One involves local 4-H kids working with local volunteers to create family rice packets for the hungry. A second entitled “Thanksgiving in July” focuses on restocking local food pantries that dwindling stocks during the summer months. If your area has similar programs, consider participating. If not, maybe you could help set one up.

Help make it a hunger-free summer. See if your local food pantries need anything. -

We encourage our kids to think about others during times when we are able to indulge. Specifically during birthdays and holidays. Last Christmas, our 9 year old asked for donations to the animal shelter in lieu of some of her gifts. I smile ear to ear knowing that my children can AND are willing to make such heartfelt decisions. Aside from watching the video, it is easy to help out; Volunteer at a food bank or help collect donations.

As summer quickly comes to an end, you can extend your philanthropic efforts into the school year. Our metro area has a Student Hunger Drive that overlaps Halloween. Older kids use it as an opportunity to dress up and go trick-or-treating. Instead of expecting candy, they gather donations for the hunger drive. Residents stack canned goods next to their bucket of candy. It’s a really cool program involving multiple school districts. If your school district doesn’t have something similar to this, consider working with your children to set it up. I’m sure they would enjoy trick-or-treating for a cause!

No kid should have to look forward to school just to be able to eat. Please take a few minutes to watch the video and share it. For more information on this worthy program by ConAgra Foods, visit their website. Connect with ConAgra Foods on Twitter and Facebook.

What ways can you think of that kids and families can help make it a Hunger-Free Summer?

14 thoughts on “Philanthropic Friday: Hunger-Free Summer

  1. This is about the 3rd or 4th time I have watch this video–that little guy is a great spokesperson for a very important cause. I am glad that Con Agra is stepping up to the plate and trying to help alleviate child hunger in the United States. I am also glad they decided to double their pledge!!

  2. this is a great idea and great for the hungry. i will see if we have something like this in my town and do what i can to help.

  3. Kid President says it like it is and inspires us all to action (in a very cute way). Thanks for reminding us about the problem of summer hunger and calling us to action!

  4. It is tragic that any child goes hungry and even more sad in a supposed land of plenty. I love the trick-or-treating idea. I think it important to instill in children the spirit of giving and the best way to do this is by example. Parents can get involved with organizing charity drives for schools or just join in with their kids. Let them regularly put some of your loose change in collection tins at supermarkets etc.

    I started doing some door knock charity appeals with my own when they were young. They would tag along with collection box in hand. Years on and I’m still doing it for the Salvation Army annual appeal with my youngest. My, now grown, daughter does a lot of charity work and has been overseas twice doing volunteer work..

    Yesterday I was looking at the incredibly cheap prices of clothes in the Aussie K Mart catalogue I couldn’t help but think of the pitiful pay given to the people that make them. I know I’ll buy there sometimes so I vowed to put some money aside each time to give to an overseas charity.

  5. Great post, it is amazing in one of the richest countries in the world there are kids starving. There are mothers who have to make decisions between diapers and food. We should all support our local charities to help the less fortunate than ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  6. Hello Nicole,
    This is a great site that you have.
    You make difference in helping others by spreading news for those in need.
    Thanks for sharing this. Well done.
    Best wishes,

  7. That young boy is so full of energy and delivered the message so well!
    I see it is a problem for some to not have their school meals and feel encouraged that ConAgra Foods are working hard to offer help, and not only through the summer.
    Here’s to sharing!

  8. Actually, when I was a kid, I did look forward to school starting.
    I think it is great when a large company like ConAgra Foods gets involved in something like this. Kudos to them!!

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