When You’re Right, You’re Wrong!


There are times we like to sit down for a multi-hour game session full of strategy and camaraderie. Other times we just want to grab something that doesn’t require a lot of planning to kill the time. Even better is when you have friends over and need something to entertain them all. We found a little diamond-in-the-rough in our newest game, Think Again.

First I want to complement their packaging designers on a great box design. Typically games are sent in a two-piece box and you know what that means. Eventually you end up with a crushed lid or bottom with pieces falling out whenever you move it. Not so with Think Again. A heavy-duty one-piece box with a magnetic lid keeps everything neat and orderly. Bravo.

Check out Think Again! by iello Games. A trivia game where the wrong answer is right half of the time! - SahmReviews.com

Made by a company with a funny name, Le Scorpion Masque, and distributed in the U.S. by iello Games, Think Again is a trivia-type card game with a funny twist:  Sometimes you must answer the questions correctly and other times you MUST answer them incorrectly! Instead of trying to explain it further, take a couple minutes to watch Le Scorpion Masque’s video thoroughly explaining the game play.

Suggested for ages 10 and up, our 11-yr old had no problem with the majority of the questions. Our 9-yr old fumbled with a couple of them, but not enough to ruin the experience for her.

Check out Think Again! by iello Games. A trivia game where the wrong answer is right half of the time! - SahmReviews.com

Of course since I had read the instructions ahead of time (and I assume am a little smarter), the first round went to me, much to their dismay.

Check out Think Again! by iello Games. A trivia game where the wrong answer is right half of the time! - SahmReviews.com

We played with three players, the minimum needed, but Think Again! accommodates up to 10 people! Each person gets a turn to ask questions as well as answer for multiple rounds. Once we got past the initial instructions the entire game lasted around 10-15 minutes – perfect for a ‘quickie’!

Think you might be up to the challenge? With a suggested MSRP of under $15 you’ll probably find your own copy at a local boutique game store next to other great offerings by iello like “King of Tokyo” or “Titanium Wars“. Be sure to follow iello on Facebook and Twitter to see what their next exciting release will be.

Show the guys at Le Scorpion Masque some (French) love also via their Facebook and Twitter pages! We need more companies like these two making great games!

44 thoughts on “When You’re Right, You’re Wrong!

  1. looks like a fun game to bring on a family vacation- small and portable. you guys really do like games- look at all of them behind your girls!

    1. Funny you should notice that! That is our stash from thrift store runs and will we writing about them over the next year or so! We ran out of shelf space!

  2. Oh cool, this sounds like a great company and game to try out! I love playing games at home, such a fun way to hang out with family. I love the pic of your kiddos, now that is cute!

  3. Ooh! I love brain teasers like this! The price seems really reasonable too and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for packages.If it’s packaged nicely, I usually will buy it!

  4. I love brain teasers like this! Plus, the price seems pretty reasonable and it looks like so much fun. I’m also a big sucker when it comes to things being packaged nicely. Sometimes I’ll buy something simply for that reason!

  5. This looks like a really fun game! my boys aren’t old enough to play, but we have game nights with our small groups all the time. I bet they would love this!

  6. Love game nights with the family, and this one looks like so much fun! Laughing at all the games you have in your house — ours looked like that, too, when the kids were younger.

  7. This is a perfect game for us at the camper! We are always looking for fun games to play when the weather is not the best! I will be getting us this!

  8. My kids are not quite old enough for this yet (my oldest is six) but we love having family game night! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I always loved the idea of a group of people sitting together at the same time to play a game. As an only child, that never happened at my house. Keep these shared moments going. Kudos to you!

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