Lightweight Hands-free Bluetooth Headset

Lightweight Hands-free Bluetooth Headset


When I was a kid – technically, until I was in my 20’s – making phone calls when you were out and about meant finding a pay phone. My penny loafers were equipped with dimes so I always had coins to call home. My tennis shoes had one a small runner’s pouch to hold a single key and some paper money. We managed just fine. When cell phones hit the market, life changed and the ability/concern regarding making phone calls became a non-issue and the focus shifted to the dangers of people using their phones while driving.

Along came Bluetooth. At first, the headsets were clunky and didn’t hold a charge long. To make matters worse, they burned the battery on your phone pretty quickly. Once again, technology took leaps and bounds and Bluetooth became a regular feature in most vehicle.

Unfortunately, some of us drive pre-Bluetooth-equipped vehicles. Those of us in this situation still would like the ability to use our phones while driving. And those of us who wish to use our phone while driving would certainly like to do so safely. So what do we do? We use a Bluetooth Headset. One example is the Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 Headset.

Lightweight, functional and comfortable! Drive safely with this hands-free Bluetooth headset. -

The prior Bluetooth headset I was using really drained my phone and was extremely uncomfortable so I seldom used it. If I ever wanted to use it, I would turn my Bluetooth on – otherwise, I left it off. One of our current vehicles IS equipped with a “hands-free” feature so my phone perpetually has Bluetooth turned on. I haven’t experienced battery drain which is accredited to Bluetooth v4.0 which includes Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth high speed and Bluetooth low energy protocols. The Mpow Bluetooth headset is perfect for when I’m driving any vehicle besides the one with Bluetooth built-in. I can store the headset in my secondary vehicle so I’ll always have it when I need it. Prior to this, I would just let the phone go to voicemail then I would return the call when I reached a stopping point. The Mpow headset makes that inconvenience a thing of the past.

Extremely lightweight, the Mpow bluetooth headset doesn't weigh your ear down! -

One feature that I think is pretty cool is that two phones can simultaneously be paired. That’s perfect for when hubby and I are riding together or if someone chooses to pair a tablet to it for listening to music. This particular unit offers noise reduction and echo cancellation and works in conjunction with iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S, Galaxy Note 3 2 S4 S3 as well as other cellphones. As a bonus, this headset isn’t heavy or bulky. I am able to wear it without feeling like my ear is weighted down. No matter how you look at it, it’s a million times better than having to wear penny loafers just so you always have change with you.

Does this sound like a good headset for you? Use exclusive code REV1MPOW to purchase the Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 Headset for $24.99. Connect with Mpow on Facebook for all the latest news and announcements.

As a bonus, Mpow is offering a giveaway for one lucky SAHM Reviews reader!
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Do you own a vehicle that doesn’t have a hands-free feature?

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55 comments on «Lightweight Hands-free Bluetooth Headset»

  1. Cherise says:

    I love how it hooks on your ear and not just inside!

    1. I agree I like how it wraps around, but it seem sort of cumbersome in size around the ear. What do LOVE is that it can pair with 2 phones simultaneously! That is crazy awesome for the on the go wedding planner!! No more unpairing to re-pair a phone!!! What I didn’t see was comments about background noise for the person on the other end. The price is AWESOME so I’d love to hear about the background noise transfer!

  2. While I have had a cell phone for what seems like forever, I have never used BlueTooth. I’m not a huge fan of earbuds, and having something in my ear while driving doesn’t sound like a good idea.

    I have been known on occasion to forget my phone and go on a mad search for a pay phone! Yes, even in this day and age!

  3. Scott says:

    Looks like a nice headset, and very lightweight!

  4. Terry says:

    I think everyone who drives a car or any vehicle, should have one of these. My Hubs is one of them… I see so many people not paying attention and talking on their phones. This would make it so they at least have both hands free to drive.

  5. Liz says:

    I just realized yesterday how badly I need one of these. I may have to pick a pair up.

    1. Hi Liz, I’m the business manager for Mpow. If that’s all right, we would very much like to send the Freego headset to you. 🙂

  6. Angelica says:

    Looks very cool! I have a friend that would love this!

  7. I personally don’t use these because i’m not on my phone long enough to purchase one. This one seems nice however and If I were to use one or need one in the future i’d like to give this one a try.

  8. I’ve never tried using it before!

  9. Mickey says:

    I definitely could use one of these! I can’t get anything done when I’m on the phone. :/

  10. Jonathan Brigden says:

    Love that it actually goes IN-EAR and not just over it, which lets in unneeded extra noise.

  11. Dawn Lopez says:

    You always showcase the coolest stuff! I hadn’t heard of this before, it looks like an amazing headset! I could really use something like this!

  12. Shell says:

    I don’t have a headset yet. I think this one looks like it would work great!

  13. I have tiny little girl ears, so anything but the old fashioned ear buds fall right off my head! I wish they would invent a kids’ option so I could use it!

  14. Not going to lie, I hate to see people use these when they are walking around. However it would probably be a great little device to use in the car.

  15. I always love watching people talk on their bluetooths as if they’re talking to thin air. This one looks super fancy! I’ll have to check it out.

  16. keikilani says:

    This bluetooth looks really sleek. My husband really loves his bluetooth and keeps telling me I need one. I like how light this one is.

  17. That headset looks really nice! I can see the need in the car.

  18. Veronica says:

    I usually don’t like the blue tooth headsets that people walk around with all the time, but these look really neat ad tiny enough where they don’t look odd

  19. I’ve never liked these things because they are heavy and bulky, but I would totally buy one that is lightweight!

  20. those look kinda tight i might want to try them. you know i’ve never used bluetooth?

  21. Melissa says:

    That’s really cool that it can be paired with two phones. I need this for when I’m in the car.

  22. This looks like a great headset! I’ve been looking for a new one for my husband. I will have to check this one out.

  23. I don’t normally use a bluetooth, but this one sounds really nice and lightweight!

  24. Camesha says:

    I seriously laughed out loud at the penny loafer reference! My ears are super sensitive so I am very cautious about things I use on my ear. I could use this for our other car. It’s older and there is no blue tooth built in.

  25. Fundador Lopez says:

    Here is a video about it: What a pity! I bought it while there is no code!

  26. Krystal says:

    I had a blue tooth with my old phone, and I LOVED IT. IT made things a lot easier.

  27. Meghan Malicoat says:

    It looks like something I would really like to have. It is a very nice blue tooth.

  28. Rosey says:

    This is just what my 2nd oldest has been saying he needs. All entered to try and win for him. Thank for sharing.

  29. Dawn says:

    I bet my husband would like this. I will have to show this to him. 🙂

  30. I have some family that would really like this. I’ll have to show it to them, thanks.

  31. Great headset! I need one of these, they are so convenient!

  32. Oh I could totally use something like this- lightweight and hands free!

  33. Amy Heffernan says:

    I love how it looks and so light weight!

  34. ellen chevarie says:

    I like that it has noise would love to have hubby give it a try.i don’t own a cell phone,but he does . he is a truck driver and needs one,we have been on a quest for a good Bluetooth and hopefully this will do the job.

  35. Marlene V. says:

    I need this!! I don’t have a handsfree option right now for my phone and it’s about time! I would really like the noise reduction and echo cancellation features.

    1. Marlene V. says:

      I forgot to leave my rafflecopter name: Enelram

  36. Karla Sceviour says:

    I think it is great,,looks and sounds great.

  37. Angela says:

    I wear glasses so I really need something that is small and lightweight. This looks like it might be a really good option for me.

  38. This looks super comfortable and secure enough to stay on your ear

  39. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I think this is a super idea and hands free so that you can multi-task, just what I need for when my daughter calls and chats for an hour or two!

  40. Janel says:

    That does look like a really nice headset! I had one before that would always fall out.

  41. Dina says:

    I love how it wraps around. I need it for sure for my car. hands free is the way to go.

  42. I don’t use blue tooth fo rmy phone, however I use it for my tablet device and think the design of this one is great.

  43. This looks like a great bluetooth! My husband would love this.

  44. I’ve never actually worn a bluetooth headset. Luckily, my past 2 cars have had it included!

  45. Angela Ash says:

    I think that the Freego Bluetooth headset is sleek and cool looking. It could also help a lot of people stay safe on the road.

  46. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I think it looks great! I really need one of these.

  47. Linda Peavy says:

    I love the look of it. It looks so sleek and lightweight.

  48. Linda Treadwell says:

    I always wanted a Bluetooth and this one is really slick looking. I would love to win one.

  49. Sky Evans says:

    The Bluetooth Headset looks high-quality and versatile.

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