Whether you are a man or a woman, finding the right products for your hair and your body can be a challenge. Medical conditions might mean you have dry skin or oily hair. Maybe you’re just battling weather-related frizz or a natural cowlick. One thing is certain though, there are plenty of options out there… for women. Men? Not so much. For years, DH just bought whatever was cheapest and didn’t complain because there weren’t really any products geared toward men. As I mentioned a few months ago in a post about men’s beauty products, things have changed and there are now options. Specifically, the Dove Men+Care line of hair products.

For the longest time, products were either fruity or frilly but the Dove Men+Care products aren’t. They offer scents that are more masculine! I don’t know about you, but I find the task of trying to decide which product is right to be downright daunting. I’ll walk up and down the aisle trying to figure out which is the best choice. Before heading to Walmart to pick some up, check out the Dove/Walmart Good Hair Guide. Not only will it help you decipher which product is best for which hair but also offers tips and recommendations for common hair issues.

Men need options too. With the Dove Men+Care line of products, he DOES have options! - SahmReviews.com

If you need additional tips – or are curious about other products – visit the Dove Men+Care website, follow them on Twitter, check out their YouTube channel or like them on Facebook!

29 thoughts on “Tips from the Good Hair Guide

  1. My husband will use what ever I put in the bathroom has even used my girly shampoos that smell fruity. I like the Men’s Dove shampoos and conditioners. I will be buying more I just keep forgetting about buying him stuff when I get my stuff lol thanks for the reminder.

  2. I like having mens products on hand in the bathroom, so my husband doesn’t use up all of my girly products. These sound like great products for him and great tips too!

  3. I have a shaved head so my hair doesn’t always need special care, but I do actually use dove shampoo; it just smells great and I never had any issues with the product at all.

  4. My husband was just asking me to find something different for him to try for his hair. He and our youngest both have dry skin that ends up with lots of flakes. I will grab this for him and let him give it a try.

  5. My husband loves this Dove Men’s care line. He doesn’t like the scents of the woman’s products I buy. So, the Dove Men’s products work great for him.

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