It’s official… I’m no longer friends with my willpower. It has failed me. For quite some time, I was able to focus on my eating habits and portion control and lose weight. For just over 620 days, I logged into MyFitnessPal diligently. I measured my foods, scanned them in so I could keep track and saw success along the way. Then I missed a day and broke my streak and told myself I would be fine. With a new arsenal of foods like meatless chili and sauteed Parmesan and garlic cauliflower, I would be able to reach my goal without the daily grind of logging and tracking it all. I was wrong. There’s more to weight management then recipes.

That was 10 months ago and in that time, I’ve managed to gradually creep back up… a little at a time. Now my clothes don’t fit like they should and I’ve already ditched all the clothes I shrank out of. DH has had the same experience. Rather than give in to a bad situation, DH and I have decided to reclaim control.

A few weeks ago, we started logging into MyFitnessPal again. That meant that we were now being accountable for the snacks (including some really awesome chocolate) that we had been enjoying in between meals and before bed. It also meant less fast food and more chicken.

Ozeri Kitchen Scale - Chicken Breast - SahmReviews.com

We also started weighing our foods again. One of the reasons we quit doing that is because the scale we had was glitchy. We were having to replace the battery about once a week and of course, it was always while we were trying to weigh something that you couldn’t easily guess on.

When we had a chance to test out the Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection, we decided it was perfect timing. It’s a nice looking scale with a top that is easy to clean. What I like most about the Ozeri kitchen scale is that we are able to place a plate on top of it and zero it out (tare). This allows us to place a separate plate onto it then weigh without getting the scale dirty. It’s very useful when you are trying to weigh something messy – or something that has a lot of juice to it that you don’t want to lose.

Ozeri Kitchen Scale - Zeroed Out - SahmReviews.com

During our downtime, one of the biggest mistakes we made was that we forgot what our recommended portions sizes looked like. Gradually, our portions were creeping up above what they should be. I should have known better because that was actually one of the things I noticed most when people asked us how we were losing weight. We would explain that we made healthier choices, eating chicken and fish, doubling up on vegetables at each meal. So often people would say “Well, I’m eating chicken and having salads but I’m not losing weight.” When I would see them share a food photo on Facebook or I would eat out with them, I would easily see the problem: not all chicken breasts are created equally. Having “one chicken breast” is not the same thing as having one proper portion. Weighing it is the only way to ensure you’re not taking more than your recommended serving size. Unfortunately, here we were, failing on that one simple rule of weight management..

Ozeri Kitchen Scale - On Scale - SahmReviews.comWell, no more. We’re back to weighing our protein portions while measuring our other foods such as salad dressings.

Ozeri Kitchen Scale - Measuring Dressing - SahmReviews.com

Yes, we still have fast food but we are (once again) more conscious of what we are ordering. Every small step to get us back on track is what matters.

If you want to get on track with an Ozeri kitchen scale like we’re using, grab one on Amazon for under $30.

41 thoughts on “Not All Breasts Are Created Equal

  1. I’ve never actually weighed or measured dressing like that. My husband wants to lose some weight though so I think that would really help him stick to a goal and manage his food intake

  2. I had to laugh at your post title because I didn’t think the post was about a scale. It did get me reading though! I really want a nice digital scale to help me with portion control because I definitely have a hard time with it.

  3. Measuring and keeping track has really helped me lose weight over the years. Once you see what an actual “portion” is, you are shocked! LOL

  4. Having a food scale is so helpful – it can be a surprise to see what a portion looks like, and not even in a bad way – when I measure out 4oz of boiled chicken breasts to put on salad, I’m always surprised how much it is. Your cauliflower recipe sounds amazing, by the way!

  5. You are SO right about portions. Its always about bigger and more and better than sometimes we totally forget that its not about WHAT we eat but how MUCH we eat!

  6. I admire your self-control and use of the scale. When I am hungry, I just want to eat. I don’t want to measure my food then track it THEN eat. Now, I realize you are right and your way will make you healthier than me. It just takes more time than I am willing to give 🙂

  7. I don’t watch my portions at all, so I don’t have a food scale. I eyeball everything and if there are leftovers, there are leftovers. Oh, and I eat until I am full – I don’t measure my food.

  8. I’m always so surprised when I consciously think about portion size. It’s probably my biggest downfall. That, and not realize how many calories are actually in something. Good luck with sticking to it! 😀

  9. Portion control is so key, and having a good scale is essential. I also have gotten away from the habit of measuring everything and I know I need to start again. This food scale looks awesome.

  10. I think I might be weird because I don’t like salad dressing. It just is weird for me. Now I know for sure I don’t need it! I really like this product! I think I need it for a lot of other things I eat for sure!

  11. It helps me so much to weigh and measure my protein on the weekend and store it properly – my choices during the week are simple and quick and I can stick to them easily. I weigh protein, fruits, vegetables and fill the refrigerator and freezer. That way, my kids can make simple, better choices throughout the week as well. I had been using a very simple scale before I moved and fell off the good wagon myself. I’m getting back on right now. I love the scale you’re reviewing.

  12. I’m really bad at portion control. I used to weight and write down everything I ate, but now it seems to take more time. The time I don’t have. I should start doing it again and I’m sure my weight will drop too 🙂

  13. portion control is a HUGE part of healthy living. not that I live that, but I know it. baby steps. 🙂

  14. By the title of the article I had expected something different-LOL! I love my kitchen scale. It helped me realize what a “portion” truly is. I think it has helped in my weightloss journey.

  15. Great post! I really needed to read this because I’m currently trying to reclaim control. I stopped logging and tracking and was totally thrown off! I need to get back on top of it.

  16. Great post! I started cutting my chicken breasts in half before cooking(lengthways). That way I eat less AND it cooks faster. 🙂 Good for you for getting back on track!

  17. It really does matter how much food weighs. You can’t lose weight when you count a chicken breast as so many calories but only eat the biggest ones, lol. Some people just don’t get that though.

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