HIGHLIGHTS: ChiTAG 2013 (Drop Shot)


Right at the front of the expo hall you couldn’t help but run into the large display from PlaSmart. We even had the opportunity to interview the inventor of their featured game “Squashed”, Nick Metzler.

Also on display was a very easy to learn game titled “Drop Shot” that consistently had a small crowd of kids around it waiting their turn to try it out.

Drop Shot Playing

The rules are very simple, roll the die and move your marble the number shown on the die. First to the end wins. There are a couple twists though! You can roll a ‘rectangle’ that represents a blockade to place – either in front of your opponent, or behind yourself to protect you from a “Drop Shot”. You can also roll the aforementioned “Drop Shop” circle, meaning you drop a larger ball through the Plinko-like backboard that will roll down a track and wipe out all the marbles in front of it.

Drop Shot Dropping

Getting to the end is only your first step.  Once you accomplish this, you must then also throw a “Drop Shot” and survive it to be declared the winner!

Drop Shot Game

Rated for 2-4 players and ages 6 and up, we found it to be a great quick-game when time is short. Each round only took us 5-10 minutes, which made it easy to play multiple rounds (keeping score of course) in an evening.

You can learn more about PlaSmart from their Facebook and Twitter pages or by visiting their website.  Ready to pick one up for your family?  It is available now on Amazon with Prime Shipping! It won’t fit in the stocking, but will fit in Santa’s bag!

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