Winner – Tony Hawk Giveaway

Winner – Tony Hawk Giveaway

Knock, knock, knock.  Is anyone there?

I’m shaking my head in total disbelief at how few entries there were in my Tony Hawk: Shred Wii game giveaway.  I did a quick search and found that there have been a lot of great giveaways lately that haven’t had many entries. Seriously – like an iPad giveaway with only 17 entries.  Since that was on a blog that I actually follow, I’m amazed at (and kicking) myself that I missed it, too.  I’m guessing that everyone is just as busy as I am with all the chaos surrounding the holidays… and kids being sick… and kids’ school activities… and… and… and…

Anyway, so the random number generator decided that comment #12 is the winner and if it isn’t claimed, then I’ll move on to the runner up of comment #17.

Congrats to the winner.  Now I think I’ll go out and scour the blogosphere for some low entry contests that I can enter!


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4 comments on «Winner – Tony Hawk Giveaway»

  1. Jeanne Hammer says:

    Sorry you didn't have many responses. I tried to enter as many times as I could. Some things I just couldn't figure out.

    BTW, wanna ask Ms. M if she has had any kissies from a Mr. A?

  2. Jason Beltern says:

    There's this other contest I found, in there blog it said they only had a couple entries, too. It's fro a iPad!!!

  3. Terra H. says:

    Wowzers, sure wish I hadn't of missed out on that giveaway. I enter giveaways regularly and have noticed lower entries lately. I assume, like you, that it has to do with so many blogs doing so many giveaways that it's hard to get to them all.

  4. JR911 says:

    Is it bad that I am hoping someone DOESN'T respond within the 72 hours?? LOL!!!

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