That’s a Piece of Cake… err, pie.


When I was a young child, each year for my birthday my mom made a cake for me as well as one for my brother, whom I shared a birthday with. Once we were older, she let us pick what we wanted and without fail, he asked for her homemade cherry cheesecake. Me? Not so much. I wasn’t a fan of cheesecake and preferred chocolate anything. Instead, I sometimes would put in a special request for Bishop’s French Silk Pie. Bishop’s was a local restaurant and one of the only places that I knew of that served such a decadent pie. Mom never let me down… if it was on my list, she picked it up and put candles on top.Yet these days, I don’t ask for a birthday cake or a pie of any kind. Instead, when we want cake or pie, we just buy it. You don’ really need a special occasion to have one. Just a sweet tooth.

So when we were asked to do a shoppertunity and post on Marie Callender’s Dinner Bakes and Pies for their #FamilyMeals campaign, I said “Piece of cake… err, pie! I can do that.” While we often purchase frozen dinners like lasagna to get us through the hectic schedule, we haven’t tried the Marie Callender’s ones yet. But I remember their pies from eating at the restaurant when we lived in Los Angeles so I was totally excited about the opportunity to shop for Marie Callender’s pies.

Halloween is my Mom’s birthday so we double-celebrate the day. I thought this would be a great opportunity (AKA excuse) to break open and taste test one of Marie Callender’s new pies. Mom loves chocolate so the plan was to pick up either the Chocolate Satin Pie or the I Love Chocolate Cream Pie. Because it was so similar, it would provide the perfect opportunity for me to tell my mom thanks for all those years that she went out of her way to go pick up my favorite pie. My mouth watered just window shopping on the Marie Callendar website.

We were very excited about shopping for Marie Callender’s pies but unfortunately, our Walmart had a horrible selection. While I like fruit pies and cream pies, my family (including me) PREFERS chocolate. We picked up a Dutch Apple Pie to try when we have a chance but it wasn’t appropriate for Mom’s birthday so we haven’t tested it yet. And with so much Halloween chocolate around, I’m going to have a tough time winning that dessert battle.

Maybe we’ll invite friends over, cook up a nice meal for all of us to celebrate #FamilyMeals then finish it off with a nice Dutch Apple Pie.

For recommendations on family meals vVisit the Marie Callender site for a list of other products as well as coupons!

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