I’m not a political blogger nor do I like to talk politics in my posts. This is different so don’t turn away just yet… Hear me out.

Did you take a few minutes earlier this week to vote? We did. Not only that, but we also brought along with us a young lady who hadn’t even registered yet. She is the daughter of a good friend and had expressed an interest in the voting process so we took her to lunch (and her mom, too, of course) and we talked about figuring out how to vote.

Her main concern was “How do I know who to vote for?” Our answer – there is no right or wrong person. You learn what THEIR beliefs and attitudes are and you vote for someone who you agree with. By voting, you are saying that “These are the people who I want to make decisions on my behalf.” Your vote DOES make a difference because every vote counts.

We made a difference by voting, but we also gave someone else a tool to do the same. Now, I’m taking that same encouragement and asking you to vote in the Bing “Our School Needs” contest.

I previously blogged about the entry stage before but now we’re down to the voting stage. 15 Finalist have been selected and now they need YOUR votes to determine who is going to walk away with the prizes – $50,000 to the school with the most votes in each of three categories and $100,000 to the overall grand prize winner. If you are a parent to a school-aged child (or beyond), you already know how important every penny is to the school. From the 10¢ per boxtop to the fundraising to the grants, it is all important and much needed. These 15 finalists are counting on people like you… and me… to vote for whom we think should receive these prizes from Bing.

Each person can vote up to 5 times per day until they close voting on November 7th. That’s only a few days from now. Have you voted? It’s not too late! You still have time to make a difference. All you have to do is go to Our School Needs and login (or register if you haven’t already – it only takes a few seconds), watch the videos or read the descriptions, find one that you agree with.then click the vote button.

How hard is that? It’s not. You can vote until November 7th and the winner will be announced on November 9th!  Good luck to all 15 schools and thanks to Bing for sponsoring the contest!

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