Trading in my broom for a ProMist Cleaning System


Something that drives me absolutely bonkers is sitting to eat lunch in a dirty break room.  Working at an electronics store with teenagers leads to the break room becoming a messy pit pretty quickly.  Being a person of action, I ended up deciding to clean the break room a few days a week.  One day a week I would deep scrub the break room, which means I would scrub the microwave, empty the fridge, sweep and mop the floor, wipe down the table, and clean the counter/sink area.

I use some great cleaners, the only thing I do not enjoy doing is mopping the floor.  Have you ever used a cotton yarn mop.  It feels like all you are doing is pushing water and dirt around.  This is why sometimes I will use a sponge and spray cleaner to spot clean the floor.  It feels like I’m actually getting it clean when I do this.

I was excited to have the new O Cedar ProMist Cleaning System to try to see if the floor could look cleaner than with the cotton mop.  So on Wednesday morning when I got to work, the first thing I did was go into the break room and give it a deep scrub.  The microwave was back to being white on the inside, and the counter/sink was clean.  Once I had emptied out the fridge it was time to start on the floor.  It was definitely necessary to sweep before I started mopping, as the floor was pretty dirty.

I took a photo of a couple feet of the floor.  If you click on the photo, you can see the dirt and spots of pop that have ended up on the floor.  Doesn’t it make you feel like cleaning now too?  So the first thing I did was remove the refillable bottle from the mop and fill it with hot water and some floor cleaner.  After closing the top of the bottle and putting it back on the mop it was time to get going.  The great thing about the ProMist is that is comes with a microfiber pad that is removable and washable.  So no more buying disposable cloths to clean your floor with, which is great!

The ProMist definitely inspired me to cleaning action.  It was easy to use and I love that you could fill it with your own cleaner instead of having to buy special cleaner refills.  I also love that the spray is so strong.  You can actually hear it spray and it sprays really well.  The mop cleans well and I could definitely see the difference.

On the left top: Dirty Floor
bottom: Clean floor
Top right: Microfiber cloth after use

Bottom: ProMist system
Right: Squeeze handle

The only thing I haven’t tried is cleaning the wood floors with the ProMist.  That’s right, you can use the ProMist for dry or wet cleaning.  I hope to use it as soon as the microfiber pad is washed.

You are probably wondering how easy it is?  Well you can win a chance to try it yourself!  O Cedar along with Peter Walsh are giving a chance to win your very own Home Cleanover!  Follow them on Twitter, YouTube and on their Facebook page.

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