I have to say that I’ve been fortunate when it comes to the health of my kids. Once we got past what seemed like never-ending examinations and tests when Miss M was a baby, it’s pretty much been smooth sailing. They’re beautiful little girls.But I’ve always been cautious of products that I use on them. Bath soaps, lotions and even diapers when they were babies. If it caused a rash, it was banned from the grocery list. My friend, Trish, hasn’t been so lucky. Her daughter, now in high school, has been forever plagued with health issues such as asthma and eczema.

So when the Family Review Network sent out word that they needed reviewers for Exederm, I thought “I don’t have babies in the target range, let alone babies with skin sensitivities.” I originally passed on the idea of reviewing the product so that others could test it out. But then Trish told me that she’s been spending an arm and a leg to purchase special lotions, bath soaps and shampoos for not only her daughter but also for her kindergarten son. She was a little more vocal about it than normal because she had recently realized her first grade son was also showing symptoms of eczema. She was quite upset about it. It was hard enough having two children with skin issues but now having a third was overwhelming. It meant special care and caution from everything to normal bathing to standard hand washing.

I gave it a lot of thought then asked if she would be interested in trying and reviewing a few products for SAHM Reviews. Trish was skeptical because her options are slim on which products don’t cause more issues. While she was at my house, we read about Exederm and how it’s safe for babies. “Baby” lotion and “Baby” shampoo aren’t just for babies – it just means that it’s safe for babies. Trish agreed that it couldn’t hurt to try. The worst that could happen is she crossed another brand off the list. The best… that she had a new line of products to add to the approved list for not only her high school daughter but also both her elementary school sons.

And so the challenge began. I provided samples to Trish and she put them to the test. Here’s what Trish had to say about the following Exederm products:
Intensive Baby Moisturizer – It was soothing and creamy. It lasted and was non-irritating. Would buy in the future for her children.
Cleansing Baby Bath – It had a good lather, was non-irritating and did not leave a film. Would buy in the future for her children.
Soothing Baby Oil – It was a thin oil and didn’t cake onto the skin. Would buy in the future for her children.
Non Irritating Baby Shampoo – Provided a small lather, Non-irritating and left no residue on the hair. Would buy in the future for her children.
Flare Control Cream – This was Trish’s favorite product stating that it worked the best out of all the items. Obviously, she would buy it again for her children. She said it lasted about four hours and required very little to rub in and have the soothing start working.
Hydrating Baby Lotion – It was soothing and non-irritating, but flaky. This was the only product that she didn’t feel worked well for her children and would not purchase this for her children.

As you can see from the photos, which were taken immediately after using Exederm, it toned down the eczema into just being red splotches instead of flaky. When Trish and I spoke about the various products and her opinions, she said she was overall very happy with the results.

After listening to Trish talk about the many health woes her children experience, I feel even more grateful to be blessed with healthy children. Thanks to Family Review Network for allowing me the opportunity to introduce Trish and her family to Exederm! I’m also excited to be able to introduce my readers to Exederm. One reader will win their choice of a product from the Exederm line. Keep reading to learn how.

The Prize: One Exederm product from baby line

Participants –
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Sometime on February 16, 2010, a winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) from all valid comments left. Winner has 72 hours from posting/notification to respond. If winner cannot be contacted, I will move on to the next random selection.

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32 thoughts on “When Flaky isn’t a Good Thing

  1. Oh how I could use the Exederm Flare Control Cream right now~! I live in Maine and this dry cold air kicks in my eczema. The reason I picked this one first is because the itching can drive you crazy. Wearing a bra is so uncomfortable~!!!! Not to mention it would be a little embarrassing to walk around scratching that area in public so I suffer with it horribly. If it's safe for children I

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