Move over Wiki, Here comes Mama

Raising kids now is so much different than when I was young. Parents have to be more cautious of strangers, language and content on TV as well as addressing issues with kids that we didn’t deal with. You know, things like too much time on the couch watching TV or playing video games. Kids, on the other hand are being introduced to things at younger ages and generally just growing up faster.I constantly ask myself if something is okay or not and try to figure out how to handle it. While family and friends can be great sounding boards, it’s sometimes embarrassing or difficult to bring up some issues.

Thankfully, there’s a wealth of information at my fingertips any time that I have access to the computer. I’ve checked various message boards and forums for answers, but recently found an immense amount of help at Mamapedia. At first, I figured it’s just like so many of the other message boards out there until I actually started surfing through it. It’s essentially a wikipedia for moms… by moms. The phrases they use are “Questions by moms, answered by moms who’ve been there” and “Over a million answers on everything from Acne to Zoos”.  That pretty much sums it up.

Some of the questions are things you might easily find elsewhere – “At what age should my child start to walk?” while others are more detailed like “What kind of chores should a 6 year old do?” It’s not just about kids though.  Pregnancy or the inability to get pregnant.  Finance issues.  Household questions.  To make it easy, the questions are broken down into different categories – Kids by Age, All About Me, Health, Finances, and House and Home. Within each of those categories, there are subcategories but I’m not going to list them all… you’ll have to go check them out yourself!  My blog post would be much too long if I listed them all.

Sometimes just knowing someone else has experienced the same problem or has asked the same question gives us some validation for our fears and concerns. Sometimes it’s just nice to know we aren’t alone. If you are a parent, you’re bound to have questions about something. Stop by Mamapedia for some answers.

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