It took many years, but I finally was able to open up and talk about my battle with infertility.  For the longest time, I was bitter and angry about all of it.  Recalling how the people around me didn’t understand what a difficult time I was having both emotionally and physically.

During one of my parents’ visits to California, I told one of my dogs “Go find Grandma” so my mom could pet him.  I was surprised that my mom said something to the effect of “I’m not grandma to a dog.”  My immediate, unrestrained response was “Well it may be the the only grandchild we’re able to give you.”  That was the first time my mom saw the true trauma that I was experiencing. She accepted her new role as grandma.

DH and I came to grips with our inevitable fate – that we would not be parents.  We had three four-legged children and we embraced it.  We took them to the pet store, on hikes, let them have run of the house and even let them sleep in our bed.

Then we were blessed with Miss M, the child we thought we would never have.  All five of us fell in love with her and I was surprised to see how protective the dogs were of her right from day 1.  For us, there wasn’t the need to banish the dogs to the yard because they were such an important part of our lives.

Although one has since passed, we still have two dogs – an American Eskimo and a Chow.  As you can see from the pictures, they are camped out in their favorite place.  The couch and the love seat.

They’re beautiful dogs but they shed horribly.  Whenever we have company, I dread seeing them show up in either white or black clothing because they are destined to walk out of the house with the imprint of their visit.  Pant legs full of dog hair.  Yeah, it’s embarrassing.

Until now!  SC Johnson Pledge has come up with a handy little fabric sweeper.  It’s basically just two rollers that grab the hair as you sweep across it.We had company over the other day so we pulled out our new Pledge Fabric Sweeper to test out.  I started using it and found it very easy to maneuver.  Just back and forth – no pressure needed.  Miss K immediately wanted to try it out so I let her.  She did a great job until DH decided he wanted a turn.  It’s extremely easy.  While I expected it to be full after one trip across the couch and love seat, I was amazed that it wasn’t even close.  The pictures show the empty product and what it was like after one complete use.  My only complaint is that it’s disposable so not very ‘green’.

This doodad is a must for any pet owner.  Now don’t say “I don’t need one because my pets aren’t allowed on the couch.”  When I was using it, I found that the front of the couch where you rest the back of your legs was the biggest culprit in collecting fur.  Probably because the dogs lean against the front of it whenever anyone else is in ‘their’ spot.  For those who prefer the conventional vacuum method of cleaning the couch, this is great for a quick pass when last minute, unexpected visitors show up.

Want to try it?  Here’s your chance!

The Prize: One Pledge Fabric Sweeper

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…must provide an email in the first comment, email me directly with an email address or have email accessible from their profile. Winner has 72 hours from posting/notification to respond. If winner cannot be contacted, I will move on to the second random selection.

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(1) Watch the video at Pledge Fabric Sweeper.
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45 thoughts on “But They LIKE Napping on the Couch

  1. I need this because I have 3 dogs (2 Australian shepherds and a corgi) and I am constantly trying to keep the pet hair situation under control.
    The thing I learned for the site and the video is that you slide it side to side in short strokes and rollers rotate back and forth to lift and trap unsightly pet hair.

  2. I like how the double rollers work together, one picks up the hair and the other lifts the hair into the trap section. Like you, I wish it was disposable, but it’s a very cool tool. I have a cat that sheds like two cats, so I could definitely get some good use out of this tool. I’d like to see how it works on hardwood floors:)


  3. I subscribed by email and I learned that the PLEDGE FABRIC SWEEPER is great for upholstered couches and chairs so you can sit back and relax!!

  4. I like the double roller action where the first roller picks up the hair and the 2nd roller cleans the hair off the first roller. This way you don’t continuously have hair trying to stick back on the furniture. I have 2 devious cats who wait until we are out of the house to shed on the furniture. And with two babies on the way, I would love this to quickly clean off cat hair.

    member (dot

  5. From the video I learned that it has double roller action where the first roller picks up the hair and the 2nd roller cleans the hair off the first roller. That’s a pretty cool process and should work really well. I have THREE dogs. 2 English springer spaniels and one mixed breed that is lab/terrier mix.

  6. I liked how easy it seems to be to use. We have a dog (lab/terrior mix) who sheds CONSTANTLY and a cat, who I think looks up to the dog as a big sister because one of the things SHE’S started to do is shed! between the two of them, I have hair EVERYWHERE! LOL!

    mariannakeough at hotmail.com

  7. I like the fact that it will pick up as much hair as 145 sticky rollers – I have a white cat who sheds on my dark blue chair and this would be perfect

  8. I hit post and I thought it took- but??? I like that the roller will pull the hair off the roller and keep it inside the plastic. I also like that they have to say- dont use this on pets. My clothes would love you if I won!

    My 4 dogs are as follows- 2 HAIRY English Bulldogs: Alex and Rachel. 1 HAIRY Pug- Buttons. And 1 VERY HAIRY Rottweiler- Bella.
    Thank you!


  9. it is self cleaning… i have a long haired daschund and mini poodle… my annie sheds, but I really really really want this for my dear friend with a white lab… much much much needed in her house, or car

  10. I learned that its simple to use and that its self cleaning. I have a small-med. size dog, she’s a boston terrier/daschund mix and doesn’t have to much fur but she sheds like Crazy! So this would be useful. Thanks for entering me.

  11. You can find it in the store next to the other Pledge products! I’ll have to look for them! We have a black lab/border collie named Ozzy…he looks a bit like the black dog in the video. He’s 90 lbs with a whole lotta fur that seems to get over everything in this house!

  12. I just tried this product out at Westminster, and was amazed that YES, it actually DOES work! The hair is contained in the plastic dome until you are ready to dump it! I am owned by Labrador Retrievers!

  13. It looks easy to use- maybe I could ttrain my toddler to do it? i love that it picks up as much as 145 sticky sheets- we go through so many of those! We have two cats.

  14. Hi,
    I love that it only takes a few strokes and keeps the hair in the container until your ready to empty it. I have 4 Cats!!! That is why I NEED it! I love Pledge products! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I love the fact that this fabric sweeper can pick up as much hair as 145 sticky rollers – we currently buy so many replacements rolls for our sticky roller! We have many cats, most with long hair, so this new gadget looks perfect for our house.


    veggiegirl at rock dot com

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