The new Madagascar movie is opening up this weekend and I’m sure we’ll be heading to it. The girls have been counting down since we saw a preview for it in the theater several months ago.In conjunction with the launch, McDonald’s has “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” Happy Meals and related toys. Starting November 7th and continuing through November 19th, will have online and offline examples of activities to “One Minute to Move it” including a video from Olympian Shawn Johnson. There will also be codes available on healthy alternatives such as apples instead of fries, in their Happy Meal.

I asked my kids what their favorite way to spend their energy exercising and Miss M said “Running.”  Miss K claims that dancing is her favorite.  They love spending their minutes doing a lot of physical activities, but those are their top choices.  Mine – I love hitting the gym at least four times a week!

Thanks to Mom Salon for helping spread the word on this great healthy learning experience for kids!

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