Some very interesting ear buds in very unique packaging. Check out what we thought of the new Coosh product line! - SahmReviews.com

Over the years, I’ve seen some interesting product packaging… but this one takes the cake.  I opened the box and this is what I found.

No, this isn’t a gift from some deranged stalker.  They are Coosh headphones. It’s from the marketing geniuses over at BuzzParadise.  Don’t worry, they remembered to include the second earpiece inside the box.
I typically exercise at the gym four days per week.  Five when I’m not being lazy.  On at least two of those days, I need my .mp3 player or I’m just not very happy.  I’ve tried out several different headsets, ear buds and earphones to see what works best for me.  While I currently use an in-ear bud, I figured the Coosh earbuds were worth a try.  They wrap around your ear to stay securely in place while you’re moving about.  The Coosh earbuds only come in one size, and they happened to be just a smidge too big for me so they didn’t stay in place like I would have liked.  But the outer ring was incredibly comfortable and will be on the top of my wish list when they expand their sizes to include one that fits my ear better.

Some very interesting ear buds in very unique packaging. Check out what we thought of the new Coosh product line! - SahmReviews.com

But since I thought it was a great product, I figured I might as well find a friend to test them out.  Lo and behold, my friend Janet had a falling out with her current earphones just the day before.  By falling out, I mean falling apart.  They broke.  She had been using them for years and wasn’t looking forward to going through the process of finding a current style that worked for her.  I offered her my Coosh headphones to try.  Good thing, too, because she was hitting the air in just a few days for a cross-country flight.

Well, Janet came back with some great news… she loved the Coosh headphones.  She said they are “extremely comfortable, so soft around ears” and “easy to use.”   “I accidentally pulled one out of it’s tubing and it was easy to put back together.”  She also liked how they work stating that the “sound is great.”   Unlike some units that wrap around the ear, these are very flexible and lightweight. While exercising, she said she didn’t have a problem with them staying put, something she can’t say about other styles that she has tried.  Janet did have one negative thing to say but it was really a minor issue – “The L and R are so tiny I really have to look for them…could be I need glasses though.”

As a bonus, each pair comes with a solid storage case to keep them from getting damaged while in your gym bag, purse or pocket.  These truly are comfortable and worth trying out if you need headphones that stay in place.

Coosh headphones are around $20 at Amazon but can also be purchased direct from the Coosh website.

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