I love the new skin I have on my Razr so much that I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my current phone. Just kidding.  The products at Unique Skins are so affordable that I wouldn’t feel bad about ordering another one just because I felt my phone needed a pick-me-up.Okay, it’s time to announce our winners!  Random.org makes picking numbers so easy.  There were 49 comments left but a few of those earned bonus comments for blogging about the contest, adding my button to their sidebar or adding a link to Unique Skins to their page.  So for Rebecca, Whimsical Creations and RobynsOnlineWorld, their “one” comment is actually three comment, where appropriate.  I want to spell that out ahead of time so people aren’t confused by just counting from the top to see what number they were.

With that out of the way, here’s the random.org snapshot!

Congratulations to Kimberly, Grammy and AmandaSue. I will email all three and in the event I don’t receive a response in the next few days, I’ll move on to the alternates – #23 (CoolCraftyMom) then #18 (Rebecca)

Special thanks to Family Review Network for coordinating the review and to Unique Skins for providing the prize for the giveaway… not to mention thanks for introducing me to a really cool site.

Be sure to check out my newest giveaway for a Country Bob’s cookbook and two bottles of sauce!  Also keep an eye open for a future giveaway of an  I Spy Private Eye game by Briarpatch!

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