Winner – Country Bob’s Cookbook and Sauce

Winner – Country Bob’s Cookbook and Sauce

First of all, sorry for the delay in posting the winners. When I started this yesterday, I was having blogger problems and decided it was best to wait until it was cleared up.

As for the contest… Wow, am I surprised with so few entries for such a great prize pack! The cookbook from Country Bob’s is awesome, but the additional two bottles are a bonus! It works out in the favor of those of you who did participate! With that in mind, hope to see all of you back for my next giveaway.

Okay, it’s time to announce our winners! makes picking numbers so easy. There were 15 comments left but one of those earned bonus comments for blogging about the contest, adding my button to their sidebar or adding a link to Country Bob’s to their page. So for Carolsue, her “one” comment is actually three comments. I want to spell that out ahead of time so people aren’t confused by just counting from the top to see what number they were.

With that out of the way, check out the snapshot!

Congratulations to:
#3 mommyjen99 and #17 Ginny! I will email both winners and in the event that they don’t reply, we’ll move on to the runner-up – #14 TXsunlover.

Special thanks to Country Bob’s for providing not one but two awesome gift packs!I’ll soon be posting a giveaway of an I Spy Private Eye game by Briarpatch so stay tuned!

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2 comments on «Winner – Country Bob’s Cookbook and Sauce»

  1. mommyjen99 says:

    Thanks so much I am so excited that I won.

  2. E. Howard says:

    Hey Nik… it’s a bit hard to navigate from Ramblings to here… hard to find the link and stuff (you have so much — er can I say it — crap on your side bar, a person can’t find their way to your “about” and other links easily. Maybe you lost some traffic to this blog from the other one because of that? I know I have your other blog on my Google reader but not this one… it’s hard to keep up

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