Camera Roll Party Game Overview

Camera Roll Party Game Overview


Life with a child feels like a really fast roller coaster. One day they’re boarding the bus for their first day of kindergarten and a few days later they’re needing a ride to some event or activity. Before you know it, you’re helping them get ready for driver’s ed, attending college fairs together and talking about how to prepare for senior photos. In the middle of all of that, you need embrace any ideas for family bonding that you possibly can. Over the years we have incorporated many different things to keep the doors of communication open. In recent years, games have been the focus. Since everyone in our family is tethered to a phone, Camera Roll from Endless Games seemed like it would be a nice hybrid, almost-offline game to bring to the table.

No need to put your devices away when you play Camera Roll party game from Endless Games. In fact, you'll NEED your device in order to play! -

Normally when you set up a game, it’s common courtesy for people to put their phones away. Some people can’t disconnect enough to do that while others like to have them handy to snap photos for sharing. To set this one up, everyone needs to arrive with their phones in hand! Place the game cards, score card, marker and timer in the center of the table. You’re ready to play!

No need to put your devices away when you play Camera Roll party game from Endless Games. In fact, you'll NEED your device in order to play! -

During a round of Camera Roll, players compete to find a photo that matches the question posed by the Boss. The game takes place over several rounds with players having an equal number of times taking on the roll as Boss. The active player will take a card from the top of the stack and read it to the group. 

Once the card has been read aloud, the Boss flips the timer and all other players scurry through their camera roll to find one that fits the description. The Boss is in charge of keeping track of the timer and watching for which player finishes first.

No need to put your devices away when you play Camera Roll party game from Endless Games. In fact, you'll NEED your device in order to play! -

When a player discovers a photo, they set their phone down and call out that they found one. Players will take turns describing their photo and why it matches. All players who meet the requirement will earn one point and the first player will earn a bonus point. Once all have been described, the Boss will award an additional point to the photo they feel BEST fits the description.

No need to put your devices away when you play Camera Roll party game from Endless Games. In fact, you'll NEED your device in order to play! -

Some cards in the deck are labeled as “Search Up” and they have different rules. Whenever one of these is drawn, players will search their favorite social media site instead of on their own camera roll. The rules for scoring are the same. 

After all players have been given an opportunity to be Boss an equal number of times, add up all the points. Whomever has the most is the winner. Camera Roll is family-friendly, but also a good option for tweens and teens (who all have phones) to play as a group. You can order a copy from Amazon and have it in hand for your next get together. If you visit Endless Games on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll get a snapshot of the many products they have. 

What’s the oddest photo you have on your camera roll?


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  2. Sue E says:

    I never played a game like this before! It sounds really fun!! Plus there’s no drawing involved which is great for my arthritic hands!!
    I miss drawing. I used to draw for the kids. I miss it!

  3. Monica McConnell says:

    The oddest photo I have on my phone is honestly my male friend in a pair of my very young sons underwear lol. It was a dare and I was surprised they fit but they did lol.

  4. Josh Christian says:

    The oddest pic in my camera roll is probably the picture of a cocktail menu from a restaurant. I have no idea why I have that! Lol

  5. Michael Shea says:

    I had a few cool double exposures but that’s about it.

  6. Tony Platz says:

    I caught a police officer being A BAD BOY . hE FELL ASLEEP IN HIS CAR . hONESTLY WITH THEIR VERY STRANGE SCHEDUALS YOU CAN’T blame them sometimes .

  7. Jordan Binkerd says:

    My cat being zany 😀

  8. James Hamilton says:

    I have a picture of a Hawk with a snake stuck on it’s claw.

  9. Annamarie says:

    Any of my pics from my Biology class would be the oddest photo, honestly. It helps me learn visually.

  10. Milly Voskanyan says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  11. Cheryl Wilson says:

    A picture that I have of my parents

  12. Sue E says:

    I must have forgotten to enter my name in the contest after I post something! This is another one that I found – sorry!

  13. Rachael DeBates says:

    I have a lot of odd photos on my phone lol

  14. Ben du Toit says:

    lots of photos of the ceiling…my 3 year old got hold of the camera.

  15. Frankie Pinnix says:

    The oldest photo on my phone is of my 3 cats!

  16. Kelly Freeman says:

    My five year old son took a picture of my foot once. It won a photo contest!

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