You’ve Been Playing UNO Wrong All Along

You've been playing UNO wrong all these years! Mattel finally speaks out about how +2 and +4 are really supposed to be played! -

Something happened a few days ago that probably won’t happen again in a lifetime. The publisher for one of the most popular games ever made uploaded a rules clarification that has everyone arguing. Mattel, the company behind UNO, posted to social media a meme-styled image about the +2 and +4 cards and how they cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

Almost instantly the entire Twitterverse exploded. House rules for games aren’t uncommon, especially when playing against opponents of different skill levels (kids vs. adults). What made this conversation so interesting is the sheer number of people that had obviously been playing UNO incorrectly all this time, assuming they had the actual rules correct!

People were quick to point out that even in the official UNO rules, house rules are allowed.

While others chose to stick their fingers in their ears!

The official rules are pretty clear. Once you play a +4 or a +2 card, the next player must do that and then their turn is over. They cannot reverse it on you, add an additional +4 or +2 card to the stack to make the next person have to draw 4/6/8 or any other combination that would require the stacking of actions.

Whatever way you decide to play UNO, at least you’re gathered around a table with friends and family together. If you’ve worn out your old copy, consider picking up a brand new one on Amazon or at your local big-box retailer!

5 thoughts on “You’ve Been Playing UNO Wrong All Along

  1. I played UNO with my husband and 20 yoa son about a month ago. One of the arguments was whether or not +2 cards could be stacked. Guess we know for sure now!

  2. We haven’t played Uno for a while now, but that +2 or +4 wasn’t ever a problem for us as we have always drawn the cards as stated. The rules of the game said that you had to draw the +2 or the +4 cards of you were the next person.

  3. I’ve never tried a Draw 2 on a Draw 4. But we do play that if someone puts down a Draw 4 (or Draw 2) and the next person has one they can play it too and the following person would Draw 8 (or Draw 4).

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