2 Netflix Subscriptions Up For Grabs

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Have you ever started talking about a show you’re watching on Netflix only to have someone say they don’t subscribe? I don’t know about you, but I gasp and wonder why not. You know how we feel about Netflix. As part of the Stream Team, we rave about the original programming, the educational opportunities, documentaries, kids’ shows and an excuse to binge movies and network shows. So many good things.

With the season premiere of Stranger Things 2, we’re hoping you don’t have to worry about those awkward “I don’t know anything about the show” comments. We’re excited to say that Netflix is letting us give away not just one but TWO 3-month subscriptions. One for a reader along with one for someone they know who doesn’t have Netflix. The details on how you can enter are in the widget below. Check it out!

Netflix For-a-Friend Giveaway

24 thoughts on “2 Netflix Subscriptions Up For Grabs

  1. When Someone I know says they don’t have Netflix, I usually tell them that they really should give it a try. We love our Netflix!

  2. I can understand why especially if you have TV service. Netflix is really coming into their own right now with their original series though that I think is far superior to most television. I recommend it just for that.

  3. We liked Netflix in the past when we had it. On the entry form the words are unreadable to me for some reason they are all squished up together so I hope I satisfying the entry requirements.

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