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If you have your phone, you can carry a library using apps for reading. - SahmReviews.


Can I ask you a question? When was the last time you picked up a book and read it? How about a newspaper? I think the last time I dedicated time to a good book was when we were on our cruise a couple years ago.

It isn’t that I don’t like to read, I simply don’t make time for it. If I’m going to be traveling or stuck waiting for the kids to finish a symphony rehearsal, sports practice or some lesson then I generally find myself surfing my iPhone 6, iPad or Surface.

There’s no reason I can’t be reading a book more often since, like 90% of the rest of smartphone owners, I rarely leave home without my phone. According to a recent U.S. Cellular study, that’s the new normal which means that there shouldn’t be an excuse for not having a book in hand. In this case, a digital one.

Encourage your kids to read. Either through traditional books or via apps for reading. -

Did you know that March was National Reading Month? The schools focus on it and encourage kids to read. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact we, as adults, should be reading also. Did you know that Amazon regularly offers free book downloads? Reading on your devices is as easy as downloading the right apps! I’ve used Flipboard since it launched and find it a nice way to aggregate my favorite sites and publications. Barnes and Noble offers NOOK eBook app providing access to more than 4 million books, graphic novels, comics and magazines, including features for kids. Of course, there are a many apps for reading including iBooks which is built into Apple devices so find one that works well for you and your reading style.

Encourage your kids to read books; even if it means using their phone. -

Speaking of kids, using apps like Homer and Hooked on Phonics enables children to learn how to read through games and videos. It’s always good to encourage them to visit the library, pick out books to meet their interests but at the same time we should utilize what they love – electronics – to further encourage these reading habits.

If you have your phone, you can carry a library using apps for reading. - SahmReviews.

Madison and Kennedy enjoy reading when they can find a story that interests them. Isn’t that how it is for all of us? We’ve tried to encourage them to seek out new books at the library and yard sales as well as find ones they can digitally download.

With the use of a nationwide network like U.S. Cellular, reading is always right at your fingertips! If you’ll be traveling, just make sure you download any apps and reading materials before putting your phone in airplane mode. We recently took advantage of switching to U.S. Cellular’s unlimited plan so we don’t have to worry about whether we’ll have enough data available to download the another book if we finish the one we had been reading.

Reading is important for both adults and children so don’t be afraid to utilize electronics to fit it into your schedules.

What (and when) was the last time you read a book?

14 thoughts on “Library on the Go: Apps for Reading

  1. My oldest is ALWAYS reading. I don’t know what I would do without some of these apps that keep the kids occupied! It is so nice to be able to see the kids read without having to pack a load of books every where we go!

  2. We just got our kids tablets and I was researching apps for them. I am glad to see Hooked on Phonics is on the list. I will definitely be checking all of these out.

  3. Oh man, I am an avid reader and I feel like my son is going to be as well. I have a kindle, but I don’t want him to use that as it has all of my books on it. I think that these apps are amazing and will help our family out a lot.

  4. I have always been a voracious reader. On Mother’s Day 2010, I was given my first Kindle. I now have a Kindle Fire. I rarely use it for anything except for reading. I love the portability. My Kindle goes everywhere I go. I also enjoy that I can download thousands of books, so even if I am away from internet, I always have several reading choices. My youngest son has inherited my love for books, and we had to get him his own Kindle. The only thing he doesn’t like is that he reads so quickly that he uses up his monthly reading budget before he is due to receive more book money and many of the free books don’t appeal to him.

  5. I always say a BIG NO to phone, Tv, computers or any other gadgets to the kids.Even though they say its kid friendly but i still prefer Books over them.

  6. I take about 10 books on holiday with me so to have them on a device would be so useful! And anything that gets kids reading gets a big thumbs up from me!

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