At the ripe old age of 47 I am sometimes surprised on how unsure of myself I can still be. Am I raising my girls right? Is my wife happy? Have I saved enough money for retirement? Where did I leave my glasses? And let’s not forget all those wonderful things that happen to your body when you begin reaching the crest of “the hill”. I often reflect back on the choices I’ve made in life, second-guessing whether they were really the best choice I could have made. But I sometimes wonder – could I have done better?

The March of Dimes through their #ImBornTo campaign is raising funds by partnering with well-known companies in order to further the science of helping babies born prematurely. - SahmReviews.comFrom a very young age I thought I wanted to be a stockbroker. Elbow-to-elbow in the pits of the NYSE or Chicago Merc. I took classes in high school to learn accounting and more about the markets in general. I began college thinking I would pursue a degree in Accounting, but quickly changed back to Finance when I felt my original dream return.

Then I graduated. It was 1990 and the job market was horrible, especially for those in the business/finance/marketing fields. I was too scared to take the risk of moving from the Midwest to Chicago or New York without a position waiting for me, so my dream of being a big-time trader slowly vanished. I still wonder “what if”.

But I can’t complain I guess. I eventually found the nerve to move to a bigger city (with a position waiting) and managed to become a partner in the company I was working for. Long hours had finally paid off, but at the expense of our family – there was none other than Nicole and I. We had tried for years to have a child, hiding our jealousy when we’d get announcements from friends and family that they were expecting.

We were finally in a position to get professional help and began working with a fertility specialist. It didn’t happen quickly, but after another 18 months or so we finally were greeted with the news that we had our first on the way. That’s when it hit me – I was about to be a father. The new level of responsibility was paralyzing at first. However I did manage to find a way to overcome the fears and think I’ve done a pretty good job so far of raising two bright, outgoing, friendly, polite and beautiful girls.

But “what if” we had conceived earlier? Would I have had the ability to provide for them as I can today? What would their childhood be like? What if there had been complications to the pregnancy? What if they had been premature and/or had developmental issues?

The March of Dimes through their #ImBornTo campaign is raising funds by partnering with well-known companies in order to further the science of helping babies born prematurely. - SahmReviews.com

That’s why I’m proud to be able to do my part in raising awareness of the March of Dimes’ latest campaign. For over 75 years the March of Dimes has been helping families prevent birth defects and infant mortality associated with premature births, and now through their #imbornto initiative, you can help by purchasing through select retailers. These are not companies that you’ve never heard of, they are powerhouse brands that you are already visiting and using in your everyday life.

Without the help from the March of Dimes, many children would not receive the life-saving assistance they require. What if these children didn’t survive? How many mothers, fathers, doctors, firemen, astronauts, scientists and inventors would the world be missing if it were not for the work of the March of Dimes?

The March of Dimes through their #ImBornTo campaign is raising funds by partnering with well-known companies in order to further the science of helping babies born prematurely. - SahmReviews.com

And now I realize that second-guessing myself is a fruitless endeavor. Life isn’t about how much money you make, how many things you buy, what school you went to or how large your house it. It is about what you can pass onto your children. Lessons, knowledge, social skills, opportunities – you can’t put a price on any of these. It is only now that I realize what I was born to do. Be a father.

Let’s help the March of Dimes continue helping our most defenseless citizens by learning more about their #imbornto initiative. Just think about all the “what ifs” you’ll prevent by giving those kids a fighting chance.

19 thoughts on “What Were You Born to Do?

  1. First of all, your wife shines so beautifully right after having a baby! WOW! I have no pictures like that. ha ha I think that’s great you value your role as dad so highly. It really shows in your children and their achievements.

  2. Life is very funny and it looks like you got to where you were meant to be. And if you keep thinking what if–then go back and take a couple more courses–one here and one there and one day you will have that degree and will realize hey–I don’t want to use it anyway–I am loving my life just the way it is. The March of Dimes is a wonderful charity which has been around and helping many generations of people-

  3. Those are heartwarming words Scott. And I have to say … you have a lovely family. I’ve grown up watching the March of Dimes do good and it’s a pleasure to lend my support with so many others.

  4. I completely agree with you, what you can do for your children and your family is more important than anything else. Those are the decisions and memories that will last for years and stay with you.

  5. Love this! Glad to know I am not the only one beset by the occasional ‘what if’ worry. We had issues having kids too and we had spent our 20’s gallivanting around the world and focused on our careers. Who knew then it was so difficult to have kids?!

  6. Beautiful story! I know what it’s like to have a bunch of what-ifs going through my head, but I’m finally starting to feel like everything has happened for a reason and I’m happy.

    I’m happy that things like March of Dimes exists to help people, to help children.

  7. The March of Dimes helped my cousin, just a few years before I was born, because she was born with hip dysplasia. Strangely enough, so was I but my doctors didn’t catch it. The March of Dimes still holds a special place in my heart. As far as the “what ifs” we jumped in to parenthood so quickly we didn’t have time to worry about those questions until after it was too late. We’re glad we did it the way we did though!

  8. awwww what a great story :):) I have a really good friend from high school that ended up having her baby super super early and march of dimes helped her. Now her and her husband do anything they can for the organization to raise awareness etc. such a great organization:):)

  9. March of Dimes is such an amazing company. There are so many factors into premie babies and their care. Its great to see an organization devoted to premies.

  10. What sweet photo’s. I never thought I would be doing what I am doing now. I quit my job 10 years ago wot stay home with our 1st son and 4 more kids later I am still a stay at home mom who homeschools – who would hae thought!

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