Finishing School. Starting the Hunt.

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The countdown to the end of the school year is on. Actually, it has BEEN on for quite a while. The girls have reached their limit of having so much homework that their backpacks rip. They are both ready and excited for a summer filled with work and play that is on THEIR terms. No, they aren’t planning on lounging by a pool all summer. They have signed up for a myriad of activities that involve everything from fitness to fine arts. They even opted for an educational scavenger hunt.

I’m not exaggerating when I say they have crammed their summer full of things! Track season began a few weeks ago. The Monday after school gets out they start drama camp. We’re waiting on confirmation as to which College for Kids classes they’ll get accepted into, but the possibilities include cooking class, strategy games, foreign language and medieval times. The music teacher is still working on the lesson schedule where they’ll be advancing their cello and violin skills. The schedule is so busy that we couldn’t even fit band lessons in and let me just say that Miss M is quite disappointed by that. On top of everything else, June 22nd marks the day they can begin on the adventure of a lifetime where they hunt for The Sunstone of Cortés (and a $10,000 scholarship) as part of Brain Chase’s Adventure Learning program.

Don’t get me wrong. My kids aren’t crazy. They don’t want to go to school all the time. They simply want to do things that they enjoy. It’s all about having fun. I think that’s why the Brain Chase summer learning program is enticing… it doesn’t feel like work. While they will be required to participate in the educational aspects of the program in order to get to ‘play’ in the scavenger hunt, they don’t seem at all concerned. The dynamic of the entire program is set up to feel less like work and more like play.

A decoder tool is one of the surprise shipments #BrainChase participants will receive. -  The sundial will be required to help find the Sunstone of Cortes. - #BrainChase

How many educational activities are there that send you decoder tools and other mystery packages to help you solve puzzles? I wish there was an adult version of Brain Chase because even I want to play! While the educational activities are designed for just the kids, the entire family is encouraged to work together to solve the scavenger hunt and find the Sunstone of Cortes. Not only is Brain Chase educational, it also provides for some quality family time!

One of the things the girls are most excited about is the foreign language feature. Thanks to a new partnership with Rosetta Stone, all Brain Chase registrants will now have the opportunity to choose to participate in a language module as part of their online academic work. Students will be allowed to choose from 30+ languages, but will be required to complete 2 lessons (a total of a little over an hour) each week in order to fulfill their language requirement and unlock the next episode.

The search for the Sunstone of Cortes begins June 22, 2015! - #BrainChase

To help kick off the program, the folks at Brain Chase created a hands-on teaser: The Brain Chase Library Challenge. Throughout the month of May, they will be hosting a 4-city Library Challenge. In each of the following cities, they will hide a voucher worth $1,000 in a local public library. The first took place on May 4th in Salt Lake City. The others are as follows:

Seattle (May 11)
Boston (May 18)
Orange County (June 1)

If you’re looking for ideas on how to keep the kids active during the summer doing more than just playing video games, then Brain Chase is worth discussing. You’ll be giving them permission to spend lots of time on the computer or tablet where they’ll be participating in enriching (yet fun) activities. The bonus is the possibility to win a $10,000 prize!

So what are you waiting for? Register today. Although the early bird pricing has ended, Brain Chase offers a regular registration package as well as the Premium Pricing Package. Their regular pricing package is $199 for the first registration, and then $100 for each sibling. The premium package will include Brain Chase registration plus a Brain Chase-branded adventure backpack, a Brain Chase t-shirt and Sunstone of Cortés patch ($249 for the first registration, and then $149 for each sibling). In the meantime, let the teachers in your life know about the program as well. Brain Chase offers a teacher referral program!

What do your kids do to stay busy during the summer?

21 thoughts on “Finishing School. Starting the Hunt.

  1. That sounds very interesting. My kids love school, well my littlest ones, and they love learning. I bet this is something that would really appeal to them.

  2. this sounds like a fun and education camp. I am going to forward it to my friend in Orange County with two daughters who would love this!

  3. this sounds like a fun and education camp. I am going to forward it to my friend in Orange County with two daughters who would love this!

  4. My boys would be all over that! Having fun while learning – you can’t beat that 🙂

  5. Hey, how come they never had this kind if interesting stuff when I was a kid? This really sounds like a lot of fun (as well as educational)

  6. That looks like a very effective learning tool for some kids. Definitely worth trying if you child has trouble focusing on certain schoolwork as I did.

  7. I think it’s good to have a busy summer. We’ve only got one thing for each kid though because we’re hoping to travel a bit.

  8. This sounds like a great way to beat that Summer Slide. I hadn’t heard of Brain Chase before this post. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! It sounds awesome!

  9. I have been trying to figure out stuff for my kids to do this summer. They are almost done with school. I LOVE this I will be checking it out!

  10. My kids love school so much. They rarely engage with the online games, but this summer I think I’d introduce them to some new games out there.

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