“Stop it! That hurts my nose!” “Quit it!” “Do it over there on your side.”

I don’t recall dealing with acne to be such a shouting match. Technically it isn’t a match. It’s Miss K’s response to Miss M using her previous facial cleansing product in close proximity.

The girls share a Jack and Jill bathroom, or in our case, a Brady Bunch bathroom. Despite there being two sinks divided by a decent amount of neutral space, the room isn’t big enough for two tweens to use the room at the same time (without yelling at each other). In all fairness, it isn’t limited to the bathroom. There are times when the house isn’t big enough for two tweens, but that’s a whole different story.

We’re constantly trying different facial cleansing products in hopes that Miss M will land on one she loves. There are a few that she prefers but the one she had been using most was a cleansing pad that had a very strong astringent smell. She liked to wave it at her sister just to get a reaction… which she always did. I can only handle so much nonsense and telling them to knock it off just doesn’t cut it. Finding a different product to use was a better solution.

Growing up is filled with turbulence. I remember when I was there and how miserable acne (and everything else) made me. I wanted to use what all the girls at school were talking about but my mom bought me what the doctor recommended. Needless to say, I used it but not according to the directions or as often as I should have. My heart just wasn’t in it because it wasn’t what I wanted. I honestly didn’t give the stuff a chance to work.

Rapid Action Face Wash works quickly. - SahmReviews.com

Taking a cue from my memories, I know that giving my daughter options is the best course to take. I want her to find success and be happy. When she gets discouraged from a breakout, the world comes crashing down and she feels like she is never going to be pretty. That’s where a good offense becomes the best defense. In addition to utilizing the Soniclear Cleansing System, we decided to try out two new Clearasil products: Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Oil-Free Face Wash and the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Face Wash. Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast is formulated with a moisturizing agent and recommended for daily use. Skin gets healthier and clearer day by day. The Ultra Rapid Action wash utilizes a maximum strength acne medication to help open blocked pores and power away blemishes in a shorter period of time. With these options, Miss M is certain to implement a good system that works for her… and her skin.

Clearasil offers choices for your teen/tween's skin care needs. - SahmReviews.com

Of course, I like to try out the products to see how they feel. The first thing that I noticed about them is that they don’t have that strong alcohol smell of her prior cleansers. They are lightly scented, apply easily and lather well. Unlike some products that dry out the skin, these don’t. Even with my sensitive skin, I didn’t have any issues with these Clearasil products.

Encourage your teen/tweens to take care of their skin. - SahmReviews.com  Developing a good skin care regimen is important to the being blemish-free. - SahmReviews.comWhether you need a product for quick results or slow-and-steady, Clearasil has options. - SahmReviews.com

When it comes down to it, what Miss M thinks is what matters so I flat out asked her. She said she likes the Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast face wash better than the Ultra Rapid Action wash but she didn’t really have a reason why. Has she used them according to the schedule? Not really. But between the Clearasil products and the Soniclear system, she IS using them daily. That’s a huge step. Even with an inconsistent schedule, I have noticed significant improvements in her skin. She has less breakouts than previously. I’ve tried to explain that it takes time and consistency if she hopes to be blemish-free but moms don’t understand. She needs to figure it out on her own and I suspect that once that happens, she’ll develop a skin care regimen that yields beautiful results.

The fact that her sister won’t have to duck and cover is just a bonus.

For more information on Clearasil products, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your best trick for healthy, blemish-free skin?

18 thoughts on “Growing Up is Hard Enough

  1. You story struck home, I have twin girls going through the same exact thing. One is broken out more than the other but we go though what your girls are going through. I tried a couple of products, this wasn’t one of them so maybe we’ll give this one a shot too.

  2. I’m not normally used to purchasing acne products (even when I was a teen) but this pregnancy has left me with a face even teens would cringe at. I’m definitely going to see if this will work clear up some of this horrible acne.

  3. I’ve always like Clearasil products. They’re gentle enough for my touchy skin, but work well enough to get the job done. I used them as a teen and always had great skin.

  4. thank god I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t grow up with acne, but unfortunately my sister had it very badly and still does. the title of this post is SO true.. isn’t growing up hard enough without having to deal with acne?!?!!

  5. I never really had any acne problems when I was younger. I have never used Clearasil but my daughter can get some bad break outs. I will have to get theses products for her to try.

  6. I have not reached that stage with my two YET….but I remember using Clearasil after having my Son ….got had the WORST brake outs ever…loved how it worked then-Its a tried and true brand!!

  7. My son is only 12 but started breaking out pretty bad last year. The problem is that he won’t stay on a routine with his skin care. I bought him cleansers and spot treatments. He tells me he does wash his face every day but the product in the clear bottle hasn’t moved much at all since we bought it in the spring. His stepmother let him try some of her proactive which I know works but he just won’t use anything on a regular basis

  8. Boy I know from personal experience how frustrating acne can be. In addition to having a couple of high quality products, I have learned to look at diet issues and lately have been clearing a bunch of food sensitivities and allergies. Seems to be working, we shall see .. Hope she finds a routine that works great for her 🙂

  9. I know exactly how you felt back then! I pretty much went through the same thing, too – having super sensitive skin, wanting to use what the other girls use and what I usually see on TV ads, and having a grandmother who would buy me stuff from the dermatologist instead.

  10. Acne does make the kids miserable. My daughter thinks her whole day is over if she wakes up with an outbreak, regardless of its size. We have the Clearasil pads, she likes those!

  11. My daughter has hormonal acne and OTC formulas didn’t help unfortunately. Only a doctor’s prescription alleviated it.

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