It's March Madness and you won't want to miss the close games, the blowouts and the upsets. You'll want to #CatchItAll with Best Buy! -


It’s funny the things that change and you don’t even realize it. There used to be a time when I would plug my ears and repeat “La-La-La-La-La” whenever anyone started talking about a ball game that I hadn’t watched yet. That was back in the day when we had to set our VCRs to record it and watch it when we got home. When we first started playing Fantasy Football in the early 1990’s (via Compuserve), I would sit down with the newspaper the following day with paper and pencil in hand. One by one I would figure out who on our fantasy team had scored points then who on the opponent’s team had. (Or to keep my brother “the commissioner” honest.) It was kind of fun to figure out what was happening. The same held true for other sports, too. Back in those days, March Madness meant cutting the great big empty bracket out of the local newspaper and hanging it up on a wall in the breakroom. After each game, we would update the results of the games we had watched then would use the newspaper to update all the rest.

It sure is different now. Our local newspaper doesn’t even print the bracket any more! Thanks to social media, smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and TVs with 24/7 sports channels, it’s pretty difficult to actually miss something. Best Buy has referred to it as Multi-Screen Entertainment but I prefer to call it “Multi-Screen Madness”.

It's March Madness and you won't want to miss the close games, the blowouts and the upsets. You'll want to #CatchItAll with Best Buy! -

Our TV is web-enabled and we are DirecTV subscribers so any time we want to watch a game, we know we can. My phone is almost always with me so I can look scores up whenever I want also. But my favorite way to keep up to date on scores and what is happening is with my iPad. I easily grab it and look something up on the web or via a sports or news app. There are a multitude of apps available and I can even turn on push notifications so it updates me automatically! Of course, social media is king for staying in the loop. Seriously… I seldom have to look anything up because my friends are usually YELLING about all of the exciting stuff through Facebook. Owning a tablet is hands-down the most convenient piece of technology that I own. Not only am I able to use it for research but I’m also easily able to create blog posts, edit photos, surf the web, communicate with others and share information on social media.

If you don’t own a tablet but have been thinking about getting one, check out the selection and promotions available. Best Buy helps keep you connected to the excitement with the devices and connectivity that make it possible: Brought to life by the brand promise of the latest devices and services, all in one place.

Stay up to date with the Catch it All promotions or all the latest news by following Best Buy on Twitter. You don’t want to miss out on all the excitement, do you?

Now be honest and tell which you prefer: Watching favorites progress through the tournament or seeing underseeded teams throw everyone’s brackets into disarray?

33 thoughts on “Best Buy Helps You Catch it All!

  1. your local paper doesn’t print the brackets? WHat!! that’s crazy. ours would never not do it- but ct is small and uconn is a big deal

  2. That is a good question, that I don’t have an answer for. LOL! I love watching games with the guys in my life.. mostly because they enjoy it.. oh and because it’s a great excuse for me to cook up yummy treats! We’re a tablet addicted family here 😉

  3. I’m not a big sports person; so I actually LOVE seeing people’s brackets get thrown into disarray! It’s just entertaining to me to see sports enthusiasts freaking out about it. lol. I’m horrible.

  4. I love my iPad for watching movies and games like that.. on the go and at home, always the best..thanks for sharing, love Best Buy, always check in and see what the newest Tech items they have that I HAVE to

  5. I’m not into sports, but I have seen my husband watching a game on the tv and checking the score for another game on our tablet before!

  6. I definitely want to see my team win. But if they go out I like seeing any team beat the teams I don’t like…especially whoever knocked my team out.

  7. I agree, Best Buy is great. I shopped there for Christmas presents and I also got my laptop there. I’m probably going to be picking up some new technology from them very soon.

  8. We are not sports junkies here either….yet! I expect that to change as my son gets older 🙂 But we do love Best Buy for all our gadgets 🙂

  9. Thanks for the blast from the past and the review of the best of the future. Also, just want to tell you that the design for your web-site is really steam-lined and appealing! Have a good day!

  10. My hubby has the greatest skill with brackets – but we’re not big techies. Still, hoping someday I can get him a nice tablet or something to do it on!

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