Since August, DH and I have been on a journey to a healthier life. I’ve mentioned it before, I know. But it is important and unlike people who take the step as a New Year’s Resolution, we’re still going strong. The weight isn’t coming off as fast but there is less to lose so what did we expect?!

We exercise at the gym 2-3 times per week but that isn’t much different than before. The biggest change has been in our diet.  Each day, we have breakfast because that kick-starts our metabolism. For lunch and dinner, we stay focused on small portions of meat along with big portions of veggies. We limit our starches because it is soooo easy to overdo those! Lunch typically includes a salad but we alternate what goes with it. Sometimes it is a sandwich, sometimes a pita, chili or soup.

We recently had a “light” version of Progresso Soup with our lunch. I fully expected it to be watery and tasteless but I was totally wrong. It tasted great and was hearty.  Every spoonful was filled with more than just broth!  We’ve found that by mixing up what we have for lunch, we don’t get as bored. That’s key to keeping us on track.  Finding light varieties of foods that we like has helped us indulge without adding the extra calories.  This is the first time I had tried a “light” soup but I was pleasantly surprised.

Regardless of whether you are watching your calories or not, are you a fan of Progresso soups? Today is the last day to submit your photo and short essay for a chance to win a makeover including awesome prizes and tickets to the finale of The Biggest Loser which currently airs weekly Tuesdays at 8/7c.  To enter, simply visit Souper You and tell why you deserve a makeover.  Just be quick about it – the deadline to enter is today (February 22, 2012).

If you’re planning on buying some soup, be sure to print out the Progresso Online Coupon before you head to the store!  You can find more information about the promotion at the Souper You Website and further information regarding Progresso at their website or on Facebook.  Would love to hear if you enter the Souper You contest so I can watch for your entry in the next round!

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