Picking a New Years Resolution (Coupon)


Picking a New Years Resolution is always hard for me until this year, hands down it`s to be more conscious of my spending and ways to save. My husband is great at numbers and I balance it out with loving to write, but I crave to be thrifty. So with my best friend’s help who is a wonderful accountant and her witty husband who is a very successful business man, I set off to learn more about budgets and how to save.

My trek included things like learning to utilize Quicken.  But it also meant better spending habits.  As an example, I was very surprised at how much I could save by sticking to my shopping list and using coupons. Now most people know you can clip coupons from the Sunday paper, but you can also print them from you computer.  This is something I just learned about within the past few months!

As an addition to the Kibbles ‘n Bits campaign I worked on, I have been selected to host for SAHM Review readers. So share this wonderful coupon (expired) with your 2 legged friends, and here is a link to share more ideas about your 4 legged friends at I Love My Dog.

As for the coupon – it’s $3 off any size bag but only available for a limited time so print it now and remind your friends to print it also!

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