This time of year is so much fun if you’re a bargain shopper. I’m one of those people who buys the gift cards at restaurants (or our gym) when they offer some buy $x and get a free $x bonus. If it’s something I’ll use myself, it makes financial sense to make that purchase anyhow and save a few bucks.

I see it at restaurants all the time and some stores but I honestly have never seen it at a gas station before.

Until this year…

Murphy USA stepped it up and is offering $1 coupon off the purchase of a gift card!  Awesome, huh?!

It’s right over there so you can print it and use it yourself.  I used mine today at the local Murphy.  I could spend a whole long post explaining the entire trip but instead I put it into story-form on Whrrl so you can see how easy it was AND what all I was able to get for my $24 investment. (Edit: Whrrl was bought out and the platform dissolved.)

I have to say that our Murphy has great customer service.  We go in there to fill up and usually win something from the Whrrl contests going on.  The staff there never gives us a hard time even though sometimes it takes a while for our prize coupon to load.   If you haven’t downloaded the Whrrl app yet, you really should!

We have a relatively small store so I’m always amazed at how much stuff they fit into that place!

In addition to the Whrrl promotions, Murphy offers different ones on their mobile site, their Facebook page, their “Cheap Gas” app or by signing up for their email alerts.  You can also find them on Twitter to see what else is going on.

The coupon above expires on 11/30 so be sure to use it soon!

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