Rebuilding for the Youth of the Community


Some of you may recall my “black eye” post in January about being introduced to baseball at a young age.  I was fortunate to have parents and neighbors who took an active interest in the youth of the community.  The lessons I learned at that time were very important and instrumental in teaching me about sportsmanship and helping me to develop an “It’s only a game” attitude.In that same post, I explained how Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes has developed the Plant a Seed program to help rebuild sports fields throughout the country.  Rather than it be a pet project of some executive at the company, the power was placed in the hands of the consumer.  From January until March, people could nominate a field of their choosing and explain why their particular field deserved the attention of the Plant a Seed program.

Well that time has passed and Kellogg’s narrowed the field (pun intended) and moved on to Phase 2 – allowing the Kellogg’s community to vote on the semi-finalists.  Once a day until May 31st, you can log onto the Plant a Seed website and vote for which field you want to see rebuilt.  Although the field nearest to my community did not win, a few others here in Iowa did make the semi-finalist cut.  It only takes a minute to vote, so stop by their website, look for a field in a community that you care about and vote!

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