You Know You’ve Made it When…

…You’re featured on 5 Minutes for Mom!

In my case, my Beyond the Bomb giveaway is listed in their weekly “5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere” feature!  Technically, I don’t feel like I’ve “made it” but I have a great deal of respect and admiration for 5 Minutes for Mom.  So I am excited at any reference or acknowledgement from them.

While I’m certain most people are aware of 5 Minutes for Mom, I’ll provide a little information for anyone who has been living underneath a rock in bloggyland.  5 Minutes for Mom was created by twin sisters, Janice and Susan, while trying to balance motherhood and a profession.  In addition to 5 Minutes for Mom, they successfully run the online stores A Rocking Horse to Love and Pedal Cars and Retro Collectables.

What started off as a basic site has evolved into much more.  Despite the name, it has become more than just a site for moms.  5 Minutes for Mom includes an extensive selection of blogs, mom-owned stores and mom-run websites. They even recently launched several sister sites including 5 Minutes for Special Needs, 5 Minutes for Parenting, 5 Minutes for Going Green and 5 Minutes for Books.

Just like “5 Minutes around the Blogosphere”, 5 Minutes for Mom offers their readers a continuing list of quality weekly features.  Excellent reading on a number of different topics.

And since it is the reason I ended up being featured, I can’t omit the immense number of giveaways and reviews they offer.  Either through their site or through reader blogs like mine. 

So if you are new to blogging, be sure to check out all the helpful information that 5 Minutes for Mom has to offer.  If you’re looking for new reading material to add to your favorite RSS reader, don’t forget to check out all the reader blogs.  If you’re old hat to 5 Minutes for Mom but haven’t been there lately, go check out all the new things that are going on.  At 5 Minutes for Mom, there’s something for everyone.

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